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    Originally posted by SHOELESSJOE3 View Post
    Agree Ron, I would say it's impossible for any player to pitch and on days he should be resting, play another position, how long would he last. Standing around, running the bases, when he should be resting between starts can't be done.
    Completely there's the time working with coaches, watching film, working on 2 fielding positions, pick off moves, etc. Talent is one thing, but there was more to Ruth as well as most great players than talent. There was time and dedication to the craft, plus coming to the park well rested.
    "It's better to look good, than be good."


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      I think Babe Ruth could have pulled off this double duty pretty well had he taken care of himself much better. I.e, he would have had to cut WAY down on the womanizing, binge eating and booze. The guy didn't sleep much and he was hungover to top it off. And he would have had to exercise much more during the offseason. Talk about wasted talent. He should have had 150+ wins and 750 HRs or 100 wins and 800+ HRs. But he squandered away his talent. What a shame.


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