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7 MVPs vs. 7 CY Youngs

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  • 7 MVPs vs. 7 CY Youngs

    If possible, try to put aside the steroid issue, and tell me which accomplishment is more impressive, or "tougher" to accomplish.

    I voted 7 MVP's simply because the second highest total is 3. If you ignore Bonds, then the "record" would be at 3 held by a bunch of players. If you ignore Clemens, Johnson would hold the "record" at 5, followed by Maddux and Carlton at 4.
    7 MVPs
    7 CY Youngs
    Both are equally impressive
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    I'll reserve a choice for later, but some interesting things:

    Carlton, with 4 Cys only received votes in 6 seasons. Pujols has finished in the top 5 10 times for MVP.

    I am actually leaning toward 7 Cys because very few of the best offensive seasons in history have been produced by guys who did not put up hall of fame careers. MANY of the top ERA+ seasons were put up by non hall of famers. It seems to be a lot easier for a nobody or flash in the pan to emerge for 1 great season and take the Cy.
    Clemens not only won 7, but lead all league pitchers in WAR 7 times. Bonds lead all players in WAR 9 times.
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      I'd say it's certainly harder to win the MVP, because there's more competition for the MVP. Realistically, in each league, about 90 (6 per team) pitchers have a chance to win the Cy, while about 225 (15 per team) players have a chance to win the MVP.


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        Thats a tough one but i'd go with the 7 MVP's. Only because Bonds had more competition.
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