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Greatest Player by Position: Thanks and Discussion Thread

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  • Greatest Player by Position: Thanks and Discussion Thread

    Greatest Player by position 2012
    1) Johnny Bench- 139 pts
    2) Yogi Berra- 124 pts
    3) Mike Piazza- 95 pts
    4) Mickey Cochrane- 90 pts
    5) Roy Campanella- 71 pts
    6) Ivan Rodriguez- 68 pts
    7) Gary Carter- 66 pts
    8) Carlton Fisk- 56 pts
    ----Bill Dickey- 56 pts
    10) Gabby Hartnett- 45 pts

    First base-
    1) Lou Gehrig- 150 pts
    2) Jimmie Foxx- 132 pts
    3) Albert Pujols- 116 pts
    4) Jeff Bagwell- 88 pts
    5) Johnny Mize- 69 pts
    6) Hank Greenberg- 61 pts
    7) Frank Thomas- 50 pts
    8) Willie McCovey- 30 pts
    9) Cap Anson- 29 pts
    10) Dan Brouthers- 29 pts

    Second base-
    1) Rogers Hornsby- 139 pts
    2) Eddie Collins- 120 pts
    3) Joe Morgan- 110 pts
    4) Nap Lajoie- 102 pts
    5) Charlie Gehringer- 75 pts
    6) Jackie Robinson- 73 pts
    7) Rod Carew- 39 pts
    8) Frankie Frisch- 34 pts
    9) Roberto Alomar- 18 pts
    10) Craig Biggio- 15 pts
    -----Ryne Sandberg- 15 pts

    Third base-
    1) Mike Schmidt- 150 pts
    2) Eddie Mathews- 132 pts
    3) George Brett- 120 pts
    4) Wade Boggs- 104 pts
    5) Chipper Jones- 93 pts
    6) Ron Santo- 69 pts
    7) Brooks Robinson- 36 pts
    8) Frank Baker- 34 pts
    9) Paul Molitor- 28 pts
    10) Scott Rolen- 18 pts

    1) Honus Wagner- 160 pts
    2) Alex Rodriguez- 144 pts
    3) Arky Vaughan- 117 pts
    4) Cal Ripken- 113 pts
    5) Robin Yount- 83 pts
    6) Ernie Banks- 73 pts
    7) George Davis- 44 pts
    8) Derek Jeter- 42 pts
    9) Joe Cronin- 32 pts
    10) Barry Larkin- 31 pts

    Left field
    1) Ted Williams- 183 pts
    2) Barry Bonds- 173 pts
    3) Stan Musial- 153 pts
    4) Rickey Henderson- 133 pts
    5) Carl Yastrzemski- 108 pts
    6) Ed Delahanty- 57 pts
    7) Joe Jackson- 54 pts
    8) Al Simmons- 47 pts
    9) Pete Rose- 38 pts
    10) Manny Ramirez- 31 pts

    Center field
    1) Willie Mays- 144 pts
    2) Ty Cobb- 139 pts
    3) Mickey Mantle- 115 pts
    4) Tris Speaker- 107 pts
    5) Joe DiMagio- 90 pts
    6) Ken Griffey Jr.- 80 pts
    7) Duke Snider- 53 pts
    8) Billy Hamilton- 38 pts
    9) Jim Edmonds- 36 pts
    10) Richie Ashburn- 7 pts
    ----Kirby Puckett- 7 pts
    Right Field
    1. Babe Ruth- 180 pts
    2. Hank Aaron- 162 pts
    3. Frank Robinson- 141 pts
    4. Mel Ott- 124 pts
    5. Al Kaline- 81 pts
    6. Roberto Clemente- 73 pts
    7. Reggie Jackson- 66 pts
    8. Sam Crawford- 37 pts
    9. Tony Gwynn- 32 pts
    10) Vladimir Guerrero- 23 pts

    Staring pitchers-
    1) Walter Johnson- 248 pts
    2) Cy Young- 208 pts
    3) Greg Maddux- 196 pts
    4) Roger Clemens- 193 pts
    5) Pete Alexander- 186 pts
    6) Lefty Grove- 185 pts
    7) Randy Johnson- 144 pts
    8) Tom Seaver- 136 pts
    9) Christy Mathewson- 129 pts
    10) Warren Spahn- 94 pts
    11) Pedro Martinez- 82 pts
    12) Kid Nichols- 53 pts
    13) Bb Gibson- 42 pts
    14) Bob Feller- 41 pts
    15) Steve Carlton- 30 pts

    1) Mariano Rivera- 129 pts
    2) Hoyt Wilhelm- 104 pts
    3) Goose Gossage- 82 pts
    4) Dennis Eckersley- 81 pts
    5) Trevor Hoffman- 68 pts
    6) Billy Wagner- 53
    7) Dan Quiz- 32 pts
    8) Lee Smith- 29 pts
    --Rollie Fingers- 29 pts
    10) Bruce Sutter- 21 pts
    "Allen Sutton Sothoron pitched his initials off today."--1920s article

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    First, a big thanks to everyone who voted, especially those who dragged themselves onto their computer for each round. I love doing this. I hate ending it because now I have to wait another year!

    I keep my mouth shut for the duration of the voting. Feel free to discuss anything you like because I am.

    First Base: Besides my surprise in Pujols, nothing here. Moving on.
    Center field: Not too excited to see last place tied because of seven meager votes, especially since one is Ashburn. Great player, but I think there are others better
    Right Field: Not too thrilled about Guerrero making it. He makes HoF for me, but it ends there.
    Starting Pitcher: I wish I had seen more love for Carl Hubbell in the voting and Charlie Radbourn in the HMs.
    Relievers: How boring are we that the first six are the exact order of last year? I also don't understand the infatuation with Eckersley. I've come to accept it.
    "Allen Sutton Sothoron pitched his initials off today."--1920s article


    • #3
      Good lists, Ty. We each have our opinions- that's why we have voters- but I won't quibble too strenuously with most placements. My biggest disagreements are with Anson and Brouthers at first base- not because they weren't great players- they clearly were- but because the game they played was SO different. I also don't see Vlad Guerrero as top 10 in RF, though he too was a great player.

      Thanks for running the poll.


      • #4
        Originally posted by Tyrus4189Cobb View Post
        Relievers: How boring are we that the first six are the exact order of last year? I also don't understand the infatuation with Eckersley. I've come to accept it.
        His peak, fairly unique delivery and that great shag/mullet.

        Thank you for running this. Might even start participating next year now that I feel I won't embarrass myself, too badly.


        • #5
          Nice job. My quibbles such as they are: Ivan Rodriguez seems too high at C, Cronin instead of Trammell as SS, Manny @ LF: figuring in defense Raines, Fred Clarke, Stargell to name three might be better choices. Vlad instead of Waner in RF seems like the omissionest of the omissions. I too don't see it with Eck even though in 78-79 he was a big favorite of mine. In the end most of the polls look similalar to how I ranked them.


          • #6
            Overall I really like how the lists turned out. I can always count out on BBF to turn in some good ones. In celebration of our five year anniversary, I have some fast facts, too:

            -Mike Schmidt and Lou Gehrig hold the record for most unanimous #1 votes picks (4 years in a row). Gehrig has accumulated more points over this time, though (630 pts/63 #1 votes vs. 650 pts/65 #1 picks).

            -Willie Mays has the most points of anyone over the five years with 863

            -Players who have never moved their positions (excluding #1 spot) are Jimmie Foxx, Eddie Collins, Hank Aaron (#2 slot); Mickey Mantle and Frank Robinson (#3 slot); Wade Boggs, Mel Ott, Tris Speaker (#4 slot); Carl Yastrzemski (#6 slot)

            -Highest point total needed to crack top ten: 45 (Gabby Hartnett 2012). Lowest: 7 (Kirby Puckett and Richie Ashburn 2012)

            -Players who only made it once: Harmon Killebrew (2009), Jud Wilson (2008)*, Dwight Evans (2011), Christobal Torriente (2009)*, Kirby Puckett (2012), Richie Ashburn (2012), Gary Sheffield (2009), Vlad Guerrero (2012)

            Couldn't think of any more. The largest jumps/drops have been done by many players. If anyone ever wants results, just say the word. Give me credit!
            "Allen Sutton Sothoron pitched his initials off today."--1920s article


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              Thank you!
              Chop! Chop! Chop!


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                Good lists, I was surprised Reggie Jackson got alot of votes though. I think I would rather have Vladimer Guerreo over him.
                "(Shoeless Joe Jackson's fall from grace is one of the real tragedies of baseball. I always thought he was more sinned against than sinning." -- Connie Mack

                "I have the ultimate respect for Whitesox fans. They were as miserable as the Cubs and Redsox fans ever were but always had the good decency to keep it to themselves. And when they finally won the World Series, they celebrated without annoying every other fan in the country."--Jim Caple, ESPN (Jan. 12, 2011)


                • #9
                  I wish Mantle would have finished ahead of Mays and Cobb, though I recognize I'm in the minority with that opinion. Also wish Maddux would have at least finished #2 (wasn't he ranked #2 a few years ago?). I suspect Sheffield didn't crack the top ten RF due to the steroid issue, but me personally I would take him over Vlad and Gwynn any day.
                  Last edited by fenrir; 03-20-2012, 02:41 AM.


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