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Baseball Fever Policy

I. Purpose of this announcement:

This announcement describes the policies pertaining to the operation of Baseball Fever.

Baseball Fever is a moderated baseball message board which encourages and facilitates research and information exchange among fans of our national pastime. The intent of the Baseball Fever Policy is to ensure that Baseball Fever remains an extremely high quality, extremely low "noise" environment.

Baseball Fever is administrated by three principal administrators:
webmaster - Baseball Fever Owner
The Commissioner - Baseball Fever Administrator
Macker - Baseball Fever Administrator

And a group of forum specific super moderators. The role of the moderator is to keep Baseball Fever smoothly and to screen posts for compliance with our policy. The moderators are ALL volunteer positions, so please be patient and understanding of any delays you might experience in correspondence.

II. Comments about our policy:

Any suggestions on this policy may be made directly to the webmaster.

III. Acknowledgments:

This document was based on a similar policy used by SABR.

IV. Requirements for participation on Baseball Fever:

Participation on Baseball Fever is available to all baseball fans with a valid email address, as verified by the forum's automated system, which then in turn creates a single validated account. Multiple accounts by a single user are prohibited.

By registering, you agree to adhere to the policies outlined in this document and to conduct yourself accordingly. Abuse of the forum, by repeated failure to abide by these policies, will result in your access being blocked to the forum entirely.

V. Baseball Fever Netiquette:

Participants at Baseball Fever are required to adhere to these principles, which are outlined in this section.
a. All posts to Baseball Fever should be written in clear, concise English, with proper grammar and accurate spelling. The use of abbreviations should be kept to a minimum; when abbreviation is necessary, they should be either well-known (such as etc.), or explained on their first use in your post.

b. Conciseness is a key attribute of a good post.

c. Quote only the portion of a post to which you are responding.

d. Standard capitalization and punctuation make a large difference in the readability of a post. TYPING IN ALL CAPITALS is considered to be "shouting"; it is a good practice to limit use of all capitals to words which you wish to emphasize.

e. It is our policy NOT to transmit any defamatory or illegal materials.

f. Personal attacks of any type against Baseball Fever readers will not be tolerated. In these instances the post will be copied by a moderator and/or administrator, deleted from the site, then sent to the member who made the personal attack via a Private Message (PM) along with a single warning. Members who choose to not listen and continue personal attacks will be banned from the site.

g. It is important to remember that many contextual clues available in face-to-face discussion, such as tone of voice and facial expression, are lost in the electronic forum. As a poster, try to be alert for phrasing that might be misinterpreted by your audience to be offensive; as a reader, remember to give the benefit of the doubt and not to take umbrage too easily. There are many instances in which a particular choice of words or phrasing can come across as being a personal attack where none was intended.

h. The netiquette described above (a-g) often uses the term "posts", but applies equally to Private Messages.

VI. Baseball Fever User Signature Policy

A signature is a piece of text that some members may care to have inserted at the end of ALL of their posts, a little like the closing of a letter. You can set and / or change your signature by editing your profile in the UserCP. Since it is visible on ALL your posts, the following policy must be adhered to:

Signature Composition
Font size limit: No larger than size 2 (This policy is a size 2)
Style: Bold and italics are permissible
Character limit: No more than 500 total characters
Lines: No more than 4 lines
Colors: Most colors are permissible, but those which are hard to discern against the gray background (yellow, white, pale gray) should be avoided
Images/Graphics: Allowed, but nothing larger than 20k and Content rules must be followed

Signature Content
No advertising is permitted
Nothing political or religious
Nothing obscene, vulgar, defamatory or derogatory
Links to personal blogs/websites are permissible - with the webmaster's written consent
A Link to your Baseball Fever Blog does not require written consent and is recommended
Quotes must be attributed. Non-baseball quotes are permissible as long as they are not religious or political

Please adhere to these rules when you create your signature. Failure to do so will result in a request to comply by a moderator. If you do not comply within a reasonable amount of time, the signature will be removed and / or edited by an Administrator. Baseball Fever reserves the right to edit and / or remove any or all of your signature line at any time without contacting the account holder.

VII. Appropriate and inappropriate topics for Baseball Fever:

Most concisely, the test for whether a post is appropriate for Baseball Fever is: "Does this message discuss our national pastime in an interesting manner?" This post can be direct or indirect: posing a question, asking for assistance, providing raw data or citations, or discussing and constructively critiquing existing posts. In general, a broad interpretation of "baseball related" is used.

Baseball Fever is not a promotional environment. Advertising of products, web sites, etc., whether for profit or not-for-profit, is not permitted. At the webmaster's discretion, brief one-time announcements for products or services of legitimate baseball interest and usefulness may be allowed. If advertising is posted to the site it will be copied by a moderator and/or administrator, deleted from the site, then sent to the member who made the post via a Private Message (PM) along with a single warning. Members who choose to not listen and continue advertising will be banned from the site. If the advertising is spam-related, pornography-based, or a "visit-my-site" type post / private message, no warning at all will be provided, and the member will be banned immediately without a warning.

It is considered appropriate to post a URL to a page which specifically and directly answers a question posted on the list (for example, it would be permissible to post a link to a page containing home-road splits, even on a site which has advertising or other commercial content; however, it would not be appropriate to post the URL of the main page of the site). The site reserves the right to limit the frequency of such announcements by any individual or group.

In keeping with our test for a proper topic, posting to Baseball Fever should be treated as if you truly do care. This includes posting information that is, to the best of your knowledge, complete and accurate at the time you post. Any errors or ambiguities you catch later should be acknowledged and corrected in the thread, since Baseball Fever is sometimes considered to be a valuable reference for research information.

VIII. Role of the moderator:

When a post is submitted to Baseball Fever, it is forwarded by the server automatically and seen immediately. The moderator may:
a. Leave the thread exactly like it was submitted. This is the case 95% of the time.

b. Immediately delete the thread as inappropriate for Baseball Fever. Examples include advertising, personal attacks, or spam. This is the case 1% of the time.

c. Move the thread. If a member makes a post about the Marlins in the Yankees forum it will be moved to the appropriate forum. This is the case 3% of the time.

d. Edit the message due to an inappropriate item. This is the case 1% of the time. There have been new users who will make a wonderful post, then add to their signature line (where your name / handle appears) a tagline that is a pure advertisement. This tagline will be removed, a note will be left in the message so he/she is aware of the edit, and personal contact will be made to the poster telling them what has been edited and what actions need to be taken to prevent further edits.

The moderators perform no checks on posts to verify factual or logical accuracy. While he/she may point out gross errors in factual data in replies to the thread, the moderator does not act as an "accuracy" editor. Also moderation is not a vehicle for censorship of individuals and/or opinions, and the moderator's decisions should not be taken personally.

IX. Legal aspects of participation in Baseball Fever:

By submitting a post to Baseball Fever, you grant Baseball Fever permission to distribute your message to the forum. Other rights pertaining to the post remain with the ORIGINAL author, and you may not redistribute or retransmit any posts by any others, in whole or in part, without the express consent of the original author.

The messages appearing on Baseball Fever contain the opinions and views of their respective authors and are not necessarily those of Baseball Fever, or of the Baseball Almanac family of sites.


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Who's your favorite mediocre baseball player?

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  • #31
    Originally posted by Zito75 View Post
    I met Mike Gallego in Tucson a few years ago and can say the same. He's closer to 5'6, not like the 5'8 or 5'9 he's listed at. He's another down to earth guy too.
    So to speak.
    Indeed the first step toward finding out is to acknowledge you do not satisfactorily know already; so that no blight can so surely arrest all intellectual growth as the blight of cocksureness.--CS Peirce


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      Originally posted by John239 View Post
      I always had this sort of impression of Carlos Pena he just always seemed genuinely nice and a great person to have as a teammate. But he's not really mediocre in my opinion. He's a nice defensive first baseman and still has the power to hit 30 hrs a year its just that he is a strikeout machine and hits for low average but that is just his game.

      I always enjoyed watching Russell Branyan play because when he hits the ball, it stays hit. He is stupid strong. I pretty much enjoy any mediocre player who can detonate a baseball from time to time, the guys who can hit the 450' plus bombs..Juan Francisco, Wily Mo Pena, the guys who hit the longest home runs and put on the biggest displays in bp but are just average or below average in every other aspect its even fun to watch them strike out but when the ball gets in the way of the bat, bye bye. I also enjoy watching the reactions from the fans when some no-name guy puts on a Josh Hamilton-like performance in bp outshining the superstar sluggers, they are like "who is that,"
      Carlos Pena has put up some decent OBPs despite the low BAs and high Ks...he definitely helps an offense.
      Wily Mo Pena showed signs of learning to be a real hitter when the Bosox worked with him on pitch selection and containing his swing...didn't last. I still wonder what he could have become if Manny had actually been claimed on waivers and Pena had become Boston's LFer (if I have my timing on that right vis a vis Wily Mo's time with the team).
      One guy in the Branyan/Mo Pena mold who had even less success was Eric Anthony, and he will always stick in my memory from one at bat. Came up to pinch hit in the Astrodome, huge swing and a miss at a fastball for strike one. Second pitch, Eric gets a fastball where he wants it and hits a tremendous line drive about 10-20' foul that just caromed off the back wall of the Dome with a crash...I mean, this ball was just plain rocked. My jaw dropped and I stammer to my buddy, "Did you see that?!?!?" He sneers and says, "Foul ball, so what??" like he thinks I didn't realize it wasn't a HR. It was just a strike on him, but to hit the ball across that big building on a line in a couple of
      Third pitch, offspeed, huge swing, nowhere near the ball, K.
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        One of the guys I loved growing up was Rafael Belliard. He looked like a kid playing second base next to Fred McGriff. There were several guys who fit the "mediocre" description on those Braves teams that I loved, though. Jeff Blauser, Mark Lemke, Belliard, Mike Bielecki... I'll stop now.


        • #34
          I have always been a fan of Willie Bloomquist, ever since his days with the Mariner's and even beyond. I remember seeing him at his first cup of tea and saw him crushing the ball. Never happened again... but loved his attitude and his willingness to play anywhere, he just wanted to play.


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            Originally posted by Blue387 View Post
            I am fond of Benny Agbayani, who played briefly for the Mets about ten years ago. He put up two good seasons and then disappeared. I also have a soft spot for former Met Angel Pagan, now with the Giants.

            Benny and the like ticked me off, because in every baseball game, I had to recreate them because they were scabs


            Anyway, I have a few

            Toby Harrah---used to play wiffle ball with my friends, and we each would pick a player from a deck of cards...I went with Toby and I learned how to Switch hit by emulating his stance...he was also the only player I hit more than 3 HRs emulating. I kept his stance all throughout my short baseball career.

            David Eckstein---too small, too slow, no power...didn't matter to Eckstein, he plugged along for a nice career

            Jim st Vrain --- a little known Cubs pitcher back in the 1900's who was such a poor hitter Frank Chance told him to try hitting from the other side, he did and got a hit....then ran to 3rd base...haha

            Chris Coste---I am a proud member of the CosteGuard

            Rey Ordonez---On the hated Mets, but he was fun to watch

            But my favorite has to be Ricky Jordan, the PH of the Phutile Phillies...he'd come through more than not for the perennial losers


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              You say Oscar Gamble and you don't show THIS picture?!?!?


              Loved his crouch stance


              • #37
                There are so many...especially having been a Met Fan. So many mediocre players :-)

                Richie Hebner (Though I hated him as Met- Liked him everywhere else). I sort of had the same stance and Lefty Swing.

                Wayne Garrett-decent glove around the IF and a few good seasons- Good Eye, Warning Track Power, Lefty Bat.

                Lots of late 70's Mets sucked...but I liked Joel Youngblood and Mazzilli. If Lee Had Joel's RF Arm he might have stuck around the majors a lot longer.

                Have to second Oscar Gamble. For the Fro alone.

                Loved all the broken down over the hill Yanks of 1973...Johnny Callison, Sudden Sam, Jim Ray Hart..Good to Great players in their day but on fumes by then.


                • #38
                  Nick Adenhart....what a career he should have had!
                  My dream ballpark dimensions
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                    Unfortunately the guys that I would have as my favorites even at my adult age I can't look back and say they were mediocre. If I had to put forth one it, as above, would be Lee Mazzilli with the late 70s Mets.
                    After being on this site though I almost want to say Jim Rice.


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                      Originally posted by Imapotato View Post
                      You say Oscar Gamble and you don't show THIS picture?!?!?


                      Loved his crouch stance
                      Don't forget these!



                      Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls - it's more democratic.-Crash Davis


                      • #41
                        Barry Bonnell, nice guy. Love the Oscar Gamble post. I'll throw in Roy White, Glen Hubbard, and Ryan Spilbourghs.
                        Take a good look (at Jim Tracy), you won't see him for long! (my play on Drew Goodman's homerun call...)


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                          Originally posted by Iso7x View Post
                          Barry Bonnell, nice guy. Love the Oscar Gamble post. I'll throw in Roy White, Glen Hubbard, and Ryan Spilbourghs.
                          Roy White mediocre? You have high standards, my friend.
                          Indeed the first step toward finding out is to acknowledge you do not satisfactorily know already; so that no blight can so surely arrest all intellectual growth as the blight of cocksureness.--CS Peirce


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                            You want mediocre, but memorable - at least for Expos fans in the Jarry Park days.

                            John Bo-ca-be-lla!
                            Dave Kent


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                              Originally posted by wrgptfan View Post
                              You want mediocre, but memorable - at least for Expos fans in the Jarry Park days.

                              John Bo-ca-be-lla!
                     I read this, I could hear my dad's voice calling that name out, followed by him laughing. He loved to hear the PA announcer call that name.
                              He's been gone a dozen years now, it was nice to hear him again.
                              "If I drink whiskey, I'll never get worms!" - Hack Wilson


                              • #45
                                Once we longterm fans reach middle age, we have a few dozen names to list on something like this. One of the more recent names would be Kirk Rueter.

                                As a righthander with nearly nothing exceptional in his repertoire, Rueter won games wayyyyy beyond what anyone would expect. He was a major overachiever with mediocre talent, IMO. His fastball was fantastically average, if you get my drift. The rest of his arsenal was average as well. All he did was win games, with a career W-L record of over .600 over 10 + years. Pitching for the Giants would not explain his ability to win.

                                Someone already mentioned Craig Counsell. Other names off of the top of my head would include Tony Solaita, in the late 1970s. There was a game I attended which I remember him winning with a late game homer.
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                                Catfish Hunter, RIP. Mark Fidrych, RIP. Skip Caray, RIP. Tony Gwynn, #19, RIP

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