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    Another favorite of mine

    This team was very well balanced offensively, they actually scored almost as many runs as the 1961 Yankees (825 to 827, but the Yanks had an "extra" game, played in the first expansion era and in a much higher scoring league, 4.53 for the 1961 AL vs 4.03 for the 1965 NL).

    They actually had 9 players in double figures in home runs (the 1961 Yanks had 7). They were in first place as late as Sept 1, no more than 2 games out as late as Sept 16, and lost 7 of their last 8 games but still finished just 4 games out.

    For a one game winner take all, (staying away from the obvious 1927 Yankees and the like) they are a very tough team.

    Here is a snapshot of their position players:
    C Johnny Edwards .267 17 HR .474 SA
    C Don Pavletich .319 8 HR .513 SA, a devestating platoon at catcher
    1B Gordy Coleman .302 14 HR .487 SA
    1B Tony Perez .260 12 HR .466 SA another nice platoon
    2B Pete Rose in one of his best seasons .312 11 HR 11 3B 35 2B 81 RBI 117 runs
    SS Leo Cardenas .287 11 HR 11 3B 25 2B , he was the recipient of 25 Intentional walks as well, an excellent middle infoeld combo
    3B Deron Johnson .287 30 HR .515 SA 30 2B a league leading 130 RBI
    LF Tommy Harper .257 18 HR 78 BB 35 SB 126 runs
    CF Vada Pinson .305 22 HR 10 3B 34 2B 97 R 21 SB
    RF Frank Robinson .296 33 HR 113 RBI 33 2B 107 runs

    Pitching was a weak spot but they had 2 decent pitchers
    Jim Maloney 15-10 2.71 ERA 244 K's and only 189 hits in 255 IP
    Sammy Ellis 22-10 3.78
    a few well known guys from basebal history like Joe Nuxhall, Roger Craig Art Shamsky and Tommy Helms were also around

    amazingly none of the players were top ten in WAR, Maloney did make #5 for pitchers

    they played .605 at home but only .494 on the road

    they went 6-12 vs both the Dodgers and the Giants and were 25-26 in one run games

    they scored 16 or more runs in a game 3 times including an 18-0 win over the Dodgers and Drysdale and a 17-2 over the Giants when the Giants were fighting for the pennant in the last week of the season

    they were shut out 6 times including one each by Koufax, Marichal, and Gibson

    If you had a one game winner take all scenario and the teams had to be .550 win pct. or less, this may be the team I would take (with Maloney)
    1. The more I learn, the more convinced I am that many players are over-rated due to inflated stats from offensive home parks (and eras)
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