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Patsy Dougherty vs. Gene Richards

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  • Patsy Dougherty vs. Gene Richards

    We're playing the "who is better than his most similar comp" game.

    My starting point was Tommy Dowd, the guy with the lowest WAR among all batters with at least 5,000 plate appearances. I hope to work my way up to *somebody* vs. Babe Ruth. That'd be cool.

    Which of these players would you like to build your franchise around?


    1233 G
    5109 PA
    4558 AB
    678 R
    1294 H
    138 2B
    78 3B
    17 HR
    413 RBI
    261 SB
    378 BB
    458 K
    .284 BA
    .346 OBP
    .360 SLG
    .705 OPS
    117 OPS+
    1639 TB
    54 HBP
    119 SH
    22.6 WAR


    1026 G
    3958 PA
    3549 AB
    503 R
    1028 H
    127 2B
    63 3B
    26 HR
    255 RBI
    247 SB
    89 CS
    356 BB
    436 K
    .290 BA
    .357 OBP
    .383 SLG
    .739 OPS
    112 OPS+
    1359 TB
    56 GDP
    20 HBP
    20 SH
    13 SF
    39 IBB
    16.9 WAR

    If Dougherty wins, he will face his most second-most similar comp's tenth-most similar comp. If Richard wins, he will face his most similar comp.

    Past face-offs (winner in bold):

    Tommy Dowd vs. Ned Hanlon (as a player)
    Ned Hanlon (as a player) vs. Joe Hornung
    Ned Hanlon (as a player) vs. Curt Welch
    Curt Welch vs. Blondie Purcell
    Curt Welch vs. Bob Bescher
    Curt Welch vs. George Pinkney
    Curt Welch vs. Joe Hornung
    Curt Welch vs. Rube Oldring
    Curt Welch vs. Solly Hofman
    Curt Welch vs. Tom York
    Curt Welch vs. George Case
    Curt Welch vs. Tommy Dowd
    Curt Welch vs. Charlie Hemphill
    Curt Welch vs. George Browne
    Curt Welch vs. Jack McCarthy
    Curt Welch vs. Shad Barry
    3Curt Welch vs. Patsy Dougherty
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Carson Bigbee
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Jack Smith
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Johnny Bates - tie
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Johnny Bates vs. Cliff Heathcote vs. Mike Mitchell
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Lou Finney
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Whitey Witt
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Ducky Holmes
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Matty McIntyre
    Patsy Dougherty
    Gene Richards

    The poll is expired.

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    Those numbers are similar. For those that give credence to such things Richards played in a more diverse league in an era that many cite as the acme of league quality in MLB history, while Dougherty did not. Nonetheless I am still, perhaps myopically, of the opinion that Dougherty was much closer to the top of his league based on his black and gray ink.


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      After some deliberation, I went with Richards over Dougherty, though it was close.


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