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    In the same vein as Billy Hamilton, where do you guys rate Kid Nichols

    Some Stats:
    361 Wins
    .634 Winning Percentage
    140 ERA+
    11 20+ Win Seasons
    7 30+ Win Seasons
    4 Time Leader in Pitching WAR
    3 Time Leader in Wins
    4 Time Leader in Adjusted Pitching Wins
    3 Time Leader in Shutouts
    2 Complete Game victories in the postseason, allowing only 1 run.
    Frequently in the top 10 in many pitching categories

    As a sidenote, he was a spectacular minor league pitcher, going 131 & 49

    I've put him in my top 5 once, personally.
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    I put him somewhere between 11-15. I admit I do knock him down due to his era. I kinda hate doing that but Tim Keefe and John Clarkson would be higher too if it wasnt for their era. Nichols deff is the best out of the three though. He really did have some impressive numbers.

    Maybe i'll learn more about him when others post and i'll rate him higher because i'm sure there's a good argument for him as a top 10 pitcher.
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      One of our old threads on the topic:

      Nichols was perhaps the greatest young phenom pitcher in baseball history. Before the age of 30, it's hard to imagine a hurler being much more productive and valuable.

      Great Stuff Here on Nichols!!

      No windup (unheard of then) and the first superstar that never threw the ball exclusively overhand, as the new rules and conditions of the 1890's allowed.

      And a biography due out this fall!


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        I agree with chicagowhitesox1173, somewhere in the 11-15 range overall, #8 of the pitchers already in the HOF, but he'll be behind some of the ones who will be going in soon like Maddux and Clemens, etc. #3 pitcher All-Time for the Atlanta Braves franchise behind Maddux and Spahn. Pretty far ahead of Clarkson and Keefe to us for that era.


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