I don't think a city has ever been awarded an All-Star Game while there was a threat to move except for the Twins in '85. (The L.A. Colisseum had an All-Star Game in '59, but as the 2nd one when they just started playing 2 I suspect that was just to get games in California and market the game's stars. I don't think it was Brooklyn's originally in other words.)

In 1984, if the Twins hadn't drawn enough fans, they would have supposedly moved to Tampa.

The All-Star Game is normally awarded a couple years early, so obviously baseball's owners didn't know if they would or not. In fact, I wonder if they awarded them the game partly to help keep the Twins there by improving fan interest int he game. But, is it the team or the city which is awarded the game? What would have happened if, say, Kent Hrbek breaks something, the Twins never catch fire, and and they don't draw enough fans? Is the game viewed as "Minnesota's last chance to save the Twins" witht he teams taying an extra year? Is it a way for the city to try to get an expansion team or a relocating one? Or, does it go to the team and thus Tampa?