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MVP and the Playoffs

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  • MVP and the Playoffs

    Who are some MVP winners you think would not have won the award if their team had missed the postseason? Why? Who do you think would have won instead? And who do you think should have won?
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    Going way back, Mickey Cochrane in 1934. Lou Gehrig should have won, but he finished 5th in the voting. Gehrig's 1934 season was one of the best seasons in MLB history.


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      Kirk Gibson (1988)
      Terry Pendleton (1991)
      No Vaughn (1995)
      Ichiro! (2001)
      Justin Verlander (2011, and most pitchers winning the MVP)
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        Joe Gordon in '42
        Jimmy Rollins in '07
        Ichiro of course
        Tejada in 2002
        Kent in 2000
        Jim Konstanty, Willie Hernandez, Dennis Eckersley
        Sammy Sosa in '98
        ...too many to count.
        My top 10 players:

        1. Babe Ruth
        2. Barry Bonds
        3. Ty Cobb
        4. Ted Williams
        5. Willie Mays
        6. Alex Rodriguez
        7. Hank Aaron
        8. Honus Wagner
        9. Lou Gehrig
        10. Mickey Mantle


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          Last year.

          Ryan Braun won it over Kemp because Milwakee made the playoffs and L.A. did not.

          (I support Braun winning it though)
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            Like 75% of them because the voters are dumb


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              I think Gordon would have won in 1942 if the Yankees didn't win the pennant. He was being wrote up as a favorite by the writers right from the start of the season and he didn't really let up. Ted Williams, on the other hand, got off to a slow start and didn't really start playing at a high level until after the All Star Game.


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