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Common facts the average-to-good fan does not know

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  • Common facts the average-to-good fan does not know

    what are some common facts that many fans do not know

    1) The A's played the 1972 Series without their best player Reggie Jackson
    2) Willie Mays never lead the league in RBI
    3) Joe DiMaggio had a 61 game hitting streak in the minor league
    4) Reggie Jackson once played for the Baltimore Orioles
    5) Nate Colbert attended the DH when Musial hit 5 HRs, Colbert later did the same thing for the Padres, and one announcer broadcast both Musial's and Colbert's games

    I am looking for facts, not so and so is much better than most people realize or other opinions
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    1. The more I learn, the more convinced I am that many players are over-rated due to inflated stats from offensive home parks (and eras)
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