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Cabrera or Vlad?

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  • Cabrera or Vlad?

    Vlad Guerrero and Miguel Cabrera are very similar hitters. Who would you rather have, if both guys were 20 years old and you could have either? Who will end up with the better career?

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    Vlad. He had quite an arm.
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      Plus the stolen bases Vlad had. A complete player. Power, average, speed, great defensive outfielder.


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        Originally posted by RDB_SoxFan View Post
        Plus the stolen bases Vlad had. A complete player. Power, average, speed, great defensive outfielder.


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          Originally posted by BondsOverBabe View Post
          Ok I messed up there. I meant to say great outfield arm.


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            Originally posted by RDB_SoxFan View Post
            Ok I messed up there. I meant to say great outfield arm.
            let's make it a strong arm. not the most accurate one I think.

            still more defensive and running value than miggy but still I think because of his hitting miggy is a little better. though age 29 they were quite similar (149 vs 150 OPS+) but I think miggy has the better peak seasons and I expect him to make the gap larger in the next 2-3 years

            through age 29
            149 150
            273 301
            38 41

            miggy has a slight lead (but mostly due to starting a season earlier full time). but I expect him to age a little better because he has a less wearing game.
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              Good thread! Two of my favorite players. Both are underrated by most people.

              Who would I choose? Very close.

              I call it a draw offensively, with the bat. Both hit for .320, 30+ HR, 100 RBI, 150 OPS+. Vlad has the advantage in striking out less; Cabrera has the advantage in drawing more walks.

              Defensively, it has to go to Vlad. He was not a magician at RF, but he was capable enough. He had a strong arm too.

              Cabrera played OF, then 3B, then 1B, then back to 3B. He was a poor defender in 2006 and 2007, when he played 3B with Florida. But this year he's moved back to 3B and is doing fine.

              Vlad also stole a lot of bases - sure. But he was caught stealing a lot too!

              Overall - I guess I have to pick Vladimir Guerrero.

              But remember, Cabrera's career isn't over. If he has a few seasons playing solid defense at 3B, and if he performs well in his late 30s (which Vlad didn't) then he wins.


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                Right now, I'd give the edge to Vlad, but Cabrera is closing on him pretty fast. For the last 2-3 years, Cabrera has pretty much staked his claim as the best hitter in baseball.


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                  As I recall, Vlad had to overcome the effects of hitting in his home stadium in his first few years. It wasn't a hitters park, and this was more evident when he away from it by getting the chance to play in Anaheim.

                  The parallel to Miggy is direct because Miggy also had to overcome hitting at sea level in Miami, and since he has been away from Miami he has put up much better numbers.

                  So, at the plate, it might be an even call after all is all said and done. Vlad would have an edge on him in the field, however, and that is because I have never heard anyone place Miggy as a defensive whiz.
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