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Astros set new MLB record?

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  • Astros set new MLB record?

    According to Baseball Almanac, the Washington Senators of 1909 hold the record for most losses in the month of July in baseball history. That memorable month, they went 5 - 29. That record is pretty safe, since the All-Star break prevents most modern teams from even playing 29 games in July.

    However, the Houston Astros won only 3 games in July this year. Is that a new MLB record for fewest wins in the month of July?
    I already know they Orioles won only 1 game in April 1988, and the Cleveland Spiders had similar performances in August and September, so the Astros' feat is by no means the fewest wins ever in one month, but I am specifically wondering if it is the fewest ever in the month of July.

    I'm going to assume it is, unless somebody can find a team that won fewer games in July some year in the past.

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    View the 1916 Philadelphia Athletics Schedule on Including home and away games, results, and more.

    The 1916 A's went 2-28 in July, a .067 winning %.


    Also, the 1898 STL Browns matched the 2012 Astros, going 3-24 as well.

    View the 1898 St. Louis Browns Schedule on Including home and away games, results, and more.
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      Thanks. Knew it was too bad to be true. :-)


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        Well - the 'stros are 0-2 in August so far.

        The 1890 Pittsburg Alleghanys went 1-27 in August. (

        Can the 'Stros break that record?!?!

        Stay tuned.


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          Expect them to break every loser record when they enter the AL next year
          "Allen Sutton Sothoron pitched his initials off today."--1920s article


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            Originally posted by redban View Post

            The 1916 A's went 2-28 in July, a .067 winning %.
            Dang... Jack Nabors went 1-20 on mount that year...
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            Garvey, Lopes, Russell, and Cey started 833 times and the Dodgers went 498-335, for a .598 winning percentage. That’s equal to a team going 97-65 over a season. On those occasions when at least one of them missed his start, the Dodgers were 306-267-1, which is a .534 clip. That works out to a team going 87-75. So having all four of them added 10 wins to the Dodgers per year.


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