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Ron LeFlore vs. Mookie Wilson

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  • Ron LeFlore vs. Mookie Wilson

    We're playing the "who is better than his most similar comp" game.

    My starting point was Tommy Dowd, the guy with the lowest WAR among all batters with at least 5,000 plate appearances. I hope to work my way up to *somebody* vs. Babe Ruth. That'd be cool.

    Which of these players would you like to build your franchise around?


    1099 G
    4872 PA
    4458 AB
    731 R
    1283 H
    172 2B
    57 3B
    59 HR
    353 RBI
    455 SB
    142 CS
    363 BB
    888 K
    .288 BA
    .342 OBP
    .392 SLG
    .734 OPS
    104 OPS+
    1746 TB
    73 GDP
    17 HBP
    14 SH
    20 SF
    15 IBB
    16.3 WAR


    1403 G
    5442 PA
    5094 AB
    731 R
    1397 H
    227 2B
    71 3B
    67 HR
    438 RBI
    327 SB
    98 CS
    282 BB
    866 K
    .274 BA
    .314 OBP
    .386 SLG
    .700 OPS
    96 OPS+
    1967 TB
    66 GDP
    23 HBP
    22 SH
    20 SF
    36 IBB
    20.1 WAR

    If LeFlore wins, he will face his fifth-most similar comp's eighth-most similar comp. If Wilson wins, he will face his most similar comp.

    Past face-offs (winner in bold):

    Tommy Dowd vs. Ned Hanlon (as a player)
    Ned Hanlon (as a player) vs. Joe Hornung
    Ned Hanlon (as a player) vs. Curt Welch
    Curt Welch vs. Blondie Purcell
    Curt Welch vs. Bob Bescher
    Curt Welch vs. George Pinkney
    Curt Welch vs. Joe Hornung
    Curt Welch vs. Rube Oldring
    Curt Welch vs. Solly Hofman
    Curt Welch vs. Tom York
    Curt Welch vs. George Case
    Curt Welch vs. Tommy Dowd
    Curt Welch vs. Charlie Hemphill
    Curt Welch vs. George Browne
    Curt Welch vs. Jack McCarthy
    Curt Welch vs. Shad Barry
    Curt Welch vs. Patsy Dougherty
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Carson Bigbee
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Jack Smith
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Johnny Bates - tie
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Johnny Bates vs. Cliff Heathcote vs. Mike Mitchell
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Lou Finney
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Whitey Witt
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Ducky Holmes
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Matty McIntyre
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Gene Richards
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Tom Goodwin
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Peanuts Lowrey
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Patsy Tebeau
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Billy Hatcher
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Red Murray
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Hi Myers
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Mike Kreevich
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Luis Polonia
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Darryl Hamilton
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Max Flack
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Al Bumbry
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Ron LeFlore
    Ron LeFlore
    Mookie Wilson

    The poll is expired.

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    When I saw a choice was Mookie it was hard not to vote for him (until I looked at the numbers). WAR, presumably in Mooks favor because he had a good reputation defensively and LeFlore did not, gave me the excuse (a check on BBRef has Mook at 0.1 and LeFlore -9.5). That's three 70/80s CF-leadoff basestealers in a row. Is Omar Moreno up next?


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      see below 10 char
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        see below 10 char
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          triplicate post - the comupeter or system ifs really screwy. At least to the scanner it'll look active here instead of just one guy impatiently hitting the send button.
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            This is a tough one here. But I'll take Ron Leflore for better rates stats.

            Per 162 games, each averaged:

            M Wilson 84 runs, 51 RBI, 38 SB, 11 CS, .274/.314/.386
            LeFlore: 108 runs, 52 RBI, 67 SB, 21 SC, .288/.342/.392

            Mookie had about 600 more plate appearances, which isn't much. Leflore actually had some very good seasons. 5 times, he managed 93+ runs, including a league leading 126 runs and a league leading 68 steals in 1978.


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              I went with LeFlore, but it pained me not to vote for Wilson.


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