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    Originally posted by 9RoyHobbsRF View Post
    random items from the internet not attributed to Bill james

    1) Williams, controversial to some baseball fans due to his generally abrasive personality and frequently abusive behavior

    2) here is a quote from ubiquitous on this very forum: 'Ted did things in his life that were viewed as, and probably were, bad things"

    3)Ted williams own daughter: She described dealing with her tempestuous father: “It was hard to keep up with his emotions. Of course it’s tough for a little kid to get yelled at

    4) DiMaggio and Williams were very different kinds of ballplayers. DiMaggio cared about and cultivated his image; Williams thumbed his nose at fans and sports writers. Williams, despite his abilities as a hitter, was usually compared unfavorably to DiMaggio. Some of it had to do with Williams often-ornery personality.

    5) Early in his career, he was heckled by fans. This started a sort of feud in which Williams never tipped his hat to the crowd until a speech in 1991.

    took me about 7 minutes to find these
    Excellent addition. People despised Teddy, despised Cobb and despised Rajah (mostly ball players). But at least the two former got some due respect out of their contemporaries.
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