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    First baseman Steve Bilko is another great minor league home run king who, unlike many, actually had a decent big league career.

    In the minors, he played 16 seasons and slugged 313 home runs, eclipsing the 50-dinger mark two years in a row. Those seasons were part of an incredible three year stretch with the PCL's Los Angeles Angels in which he never had less than 37 home runs, 124 RBI and 105 runs scored.

    Overall, he eclipsed the 30-home run mark four times in the minors and the 20 home run mark seven times.

    At the big league level, he slugged 76 home runs and had two years of 20+ dingers. That brings him to 389 hom e runs in 7,087 professional at-bats, or one every 18.2 trips to the plate. Not bad!

    He was inducted into the Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame in 2003 and the Rochester Red Wings Hall of Fame in 2004. He spent six years with the team and hit .310 with 34 home runs and 125 RBI for them in 1949.





    (Luke Easter, Bowie Kuhn, Steve Bilko)
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    The first I ever heard of Bilko was in 1958, when he played for the Dodgers for a while. I didn't see him then, just heard of him. Then, he resurfaced with the Angels in the early 60s- by then he must have weighed 275 lbs, maybe more. I couldn't believe it when I saw him.

    He obviously had to have talent to have done as well as he did in the high minors, but it didn't translate to anything beyond pedestrian performance at the Major League level.


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      To me, he bears an uncanny resemblance to William Bendix in that godawful Babe Ruth movie.
      They call me Mr. Baseball. Not because of my love for the game; because of all the stitches in my head.


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        As I recall, he supposedly hit a homer that surmounted the centerfield bleacher in St. Louis. Anyone else know anything about this?


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          I'm fascinated by Minor or Foreign League monsters who couldn't quite translate it to the Big Leagues. Yes, he did have a bit of luck in the MLB, but nothing matching his crazy minor league stuff.


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