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Which MLB franchise do you most respect?

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  • Which MLB franchise do you most respect?

    By most respect, I don’t mean the franchise you most want to win, or the one with the most wins and losses, or the one with the most World Series titles, but the franchise that you think is best run, the best overall model for the other 29 franchises to follow.

    It could be the Yankees, not just because of their 27 World Series titles, but because they’re always willing to spend the money needed to remain competitive and give their fans playoff teams to root for. Or the Cardinals for having a solid organizational plan, being consistently competitive, and honoring their former greats. Or the A’s for continuing to field very good teams despite their low budgets, playing in a second-tier stadium, and being the less-glamorous team in their market. Or the Rays for managing to win as many games as they do, playing in Tampa. This idea could apply to both a franchise’s history and to its current operation.

    I would say the Giants deserve the most respect, mostly because they didn’t take taxpayer money to build their new stadium, yet don’t have enormous prices for their tickets. The Giants also went through their decades of title-less seasons before 2010 without creating an identity based on that streak, and have some of the best hitters ever and honor those hitters. They’re not the team I root for the most, but they’re interesting, they’re one of the founding West Coast franchises, and their overall personality right now is one of the best fits for their city you’ll find in MLB.

    For what it's worth, I asked this question on another site recently, and both responses tabbed the Cardinals.

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    For the long haul, I will take the Yankees. What a history. But for the last
    Decade, I will take the Twins. They often made the playoffs, despite their puny payroll. Signing Mauer to a long term deal changed that quite a bit.


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      The Red Sox up until about 2007.

      Maybe the Expos/Nationals depending on how the rejuvenated franchise fares in the decade to come. I've also always enjoyed the Tigers
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        The Yankees by a country mile - and not just because I'm a fan.
        My top 10 players:

        1. Babe Ruth
        2. Barry Bonds
        3. Ty Cobb
        4. Ted Williams
        5. Willie Mays
        6. Alex Rodriguez
        7. Hank Aaron
        8. Honus Wagner
        9. Lou Gehrig
        10. Mickey Mantle


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          It's pretty tough to not respect the Yankees. I know alot of people hate em but the tradition and all the great players they've had is hard to ignore. Besides the Yankees I would probably choose the Philadelphia/Oakland Athletics. They always seem to have mini dynastys even while being a small market team. I always liked their uniforms too.
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            As a Giant fan I've always repected the Dodgers. They always seemed to have it all together.
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              The Cards because I'm impressed by such a small city hosting what I feel to be the premier NL franchise.
              Then the Yanks.
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