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Vizquel passing Ruth in hits

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  • Vizquel passing Ruth in hits

    Since I'm living in Toronto now, all I've heard regarding Baseball is Omar Vizquel just surpassed Babe Ruth in hits. If my math is correct, it took Vizquel 1,380 more plate appearances to reach this "milestone". I'm just annoyed by it all. Yes, he passed the great Babe Ruth in hits, but I still believe it's meaningless. I know they're not comparing him to Ruth or anything, but they've been over-hyping it for the last month or so. They make it out to be like it's a huge accomplishment. And, to me, it's not.

    What are your thoughts?

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    It is a pretty significant accomplishment to get that many hits in a career. It's not as big a deal as you say, but a small handful of players more hits than Vizquel. (Next on the ladder at #40 is Mel Ott with 2,876 hits).
    46 wins to match last year's total


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      Nevermind plate appearances - Vizquel has 2,175 more at bats!
      My top 10 players:

      1. Babe Ruth
      2. Barry Bonds
      3. Ty Cobb
      4. Ted Williams
      5. Willie Mays
      6. Alex Rodriguez
      7. Hank Aaron
      8. Honus Wagner
      9. Lou Gehrig
      10. Mickey Mantle


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        The number of hits always means very little without the number of at-bats. Which is better, 4256 hits or 4189 hits?
        4256 > 4189, but the guy with 4189 hits hit .366, and the other guy hit .303.


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          I'm suprised it is getting that much press in Toronto. I haven't heard anything about it in the US. I'm guessing the Blue Jays are trying to find something to keep fans interested in the last weeks of the year

          2,874 hits is very impressive. He's closing in on top-40. But that of course doesn't compare his career to Ruth's.


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            total hits are having about as much meaning as wins have for a pitcher...
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              Originally posted by dominik View Post
              total hits are having about as much meaning as wins have for a pitcher...
              I don't agree, particularly when the totals get high. Look, clearly nobody who understands baseball would compare Vizquel in any way to Ruth or many other great players. BUT, to achieve a total like 2,874 hits or more than 10,000 at bats means that the player has to have had a lot of talent to play in so many games. Nobody plays in the Major Leagues for 20 years without special talents. Vizquel's talents are stronger on the defensive side, but he would never have a chance to play this much if he did not have at least reasonable offensive skills.

              It's the same with pitcher wins. Of course, wins are imperfect indicators, but pitchers who win 150 or 200 ML games are good- all of them. If they are not good they won't stay in the rotation or in MLB long enough to pitch enough to win these games.


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