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Greatest All-Star Game?

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  • Greatest All-Star Game?

    OK, so what do you guys think is the greatest All-Star Game Ever Played?
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    I won't say greatest but here are some favorites from a SF Giants fan perspective:

    1965 Willie Mays leads off game with HR and Juan Marichal pitches three scoreless innings to win MVP
    The NL jumped out to an early 5-0 lead only to have the AL come back and tie it, the NL wins 6-5

    1969 MVP Willie McCovey becomes one of the rare players to hit 2 HR in one ASG

    1971 Young pheenom Vida Blue (17-3) starts and faces the game's #2 and #3 all time HR hitters to lead off the game (Mays and Aaron)
    six hall of famers homer and the AL wins its first game in many years 6-4
    Bench Aaron R Jackson F Robinson Killebrew and Clemente all homer
    Marichal and his mirror image Mike Cuellar are masterful on the mound

    1973 Bobby Bonds comes oh so close to the first 40 40 season (ends up with 39 HR and 43 SB) and is MVP of the AS Game
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