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Jim Kaat comments on Al Kaline

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  • Jim Kaat comments on Al Kaline

    I am watching MLB Network and their broadcast of the A's vs. Tigers. There is a statue of Al Kaline near the field and broadcaster Jim Kaat made a joke right after the network showed the statue. Kaat said that Kaline used to send a limo for Kaat on the days he pitched so he would arrive at the stadium without any trouble so Kaline could get his four hits.

    I looked up their batter vs. pitcher record. And just looking at homers, Kaat gave up more homers to Kaline than any other batter, and Kaline hit more homers vs. Kaat than any other pitcher.

    The number is "ten" and this match-up is the only one featuring double digits in homers either hit or allowed for either man.

    I thought it was interesting... memories being what they are.
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    Garvey, Lopes, Russell, and Cey started 833 times and the Dodgers went 498-335, for a .598 winning percentage. That’s equal to a team going 97-65 over a season. On those occasions when at least one of them missed his start, the Dodgers were 306-267-1, which is a .534 clip. That works out to a team going 87-75. So having all four of them added 10 wins to the Dodgers per year.

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    I liked both guys, Kaline a bit like Yaz, top notch. Kaat should be in the Hall.


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