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Dixie Walker vs Carlos Delgado

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  • Sockeye
    Originally posted by willshad View Post
    I was shocked to see they have about the same amount of WAR. Any ideas as to why WAR underrates Delgado so much? A 138 OPS+ for over 2000 games is really good...seems like he should be higher than a guy like Jim Rice.
    That caught my eye to. According to baseball-reference Walker has 0.1 more WAR in 130 less career games.

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  • pheasant
    I have Delgado ahead by a decent margin. Walker his for a decent average, but didn't bring much else to the table. Delgado was a very good power hitter that hit for a decent average. Granted, Delgado's defense was atrocius, which prevents Walker from getting blown out here.

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  • willshad
    I was shocked to see they have about the same amount of WAR. Any ideas as to why WAR underrates Delgado so much? A 138 OPS+ for over 2000 games is really good...seems like he should be higher than a guy like Jim Rice.

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  • TomBodet
    Dixie was kinda Manush, solid but not in DelGotits' league.

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  • 1905 Giants
    Delgado, although Walker wasn't at all a bad player.

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  • Sockeye
    started a poll Dixie Walker vs Carlos Delgado

    Dixie Walker vs Carlos Delgado

    Dixie Walker
    Carlos Delgado

    The poll is expired.

    I'm going to run a series of polls with the winner advancing each time to face another opponent. Will leave each poll up for a week. I'll try to provide as much statistical information as possible. Hopefully we can get some lively insightful debates going and bring to light some overlooked players from yesteryear.
    If you could pick between these two players to start your franchise with which would you pick? Please consider all relavent information. Their careers as a whole, peak performance, hitting, fielding, baserunning, positional value, league quality, etc.

    Dixie Walker

    1905 games
    7670 plate appearances
    6740 at-bats
    1037 runs
    2064 hits
    376 doubles
    96 triples
    105 home runs
    1023 RBI
    59 stolen bases
    10+ caught stealing
    817 walks
    325 strikeouts
    .306 AVG
    .383 OBP
    .437 SLG
    .820 OPS
    121 OPS+
    2947 total bases
    1123 runs created
    6.2 RC/G
    102 AIR
    .643 OW%
    .803 Total Average
    .259 Secondary Average
    277.6 Win Shares
    136.1 WSAB
    40.6 rWAR
    48.5 fWAR
    40.6 sWAR

    Carlos Delgado

    2035 games
    8657 plate appearances
    7283 at-bats
    1241 runs
    2038 hits
    483 doubles
    18 triples
    473 home runs
    1512 RBI
    14 stolen bases
    8 caught stealing
    1109 walks
    1745 strikeouts
    .280 AVG
    .383 OBP
    .546 SLG
    .929 OPS
    138 OPS+
    3976 total bases
    1588 runs created
    7.7 RC/G
    110 AIR
    .678 OW%
    .974 Total Average
    .419 Secondary Average
    303.8 Win Shares
    161.2 WSAB
    40.5 rWAR
    46.3 fWAR
    47.7 sWAR

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