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Switch Hitters and their bats

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  • Switch Hitters and their bats

    This is probably a dumb question, and perhaps this is not an appropriate question for the "History of the Game" section, but what the heck?

    Do switch hitters use different weights or lengths of bats when batting lefty and righty? I'm an old fossil, and due to economic reasons wasn't able to have more than one bat at a time, so when I played I just used the same bat regardless from which side of the plate I batted.

    Any knowledgeable input on this?

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    I really wanted to be the guy who gets you the answer but I can't find anything regarding professional switch hitters. The only thing I can provide is meaningless personal experience: my friend was a switch hitter for the high school team. The right side was his dominate side, and he wasn't a religious switch hitter. During slumps he stayed on the right side against righty pitchers. When he did hit lefty, he used the same bat because he wasn't going to pay for a second $100 aluminum one as a high school third baseman. He now plays college ball and still uses one bat (I just asked him).

    I've never noticed a professional switch hitter switching actual bats. I can see it going either way. Using a bigger bat for your favored handedness makes sense. On the other hand, players are superstitious. They may not easily relinquish a bat that gets them hits. Plus they are strong professionals who train from both sides. A smaller bat may not be necessary or be seen as a disadvantage.

    Sorry I can't be of more help. I think it probably varies from person to person. I will keep my peepers peeled next time I see a switchie on TV.
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