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Tony Gonzalez vs. Tillie Walker

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  • Tony Gonzalez vs. Tillie Walker

    We're playing the "who is better than his most similar comparison" (on Baseball-Reference) game.

    My starting point was Tommy Dowd, the guy with the lowest WAR among all batters with at least 5,000 plate appearances. I hope to work my way up to *somebody* vs. Babe Ruth. That'd be cool.

    Which of these players would you like to build your franchise around?


    1559 G
    5795 PA
    5195 AB
    690 R
    1485 H
    238 2B
    57 3B
    103 HR
    615 RBI
    79 SB
    61 CS
    467 BB
    706 K
    .286 BA
    .350 OBP
    .413 SLG
    .764 OPS
    114 OPS+
    2146 TB
    124 GDP
    71 HBP
    20 SH
    37 SF
    63 IBB
    24.5 WAR


    1421 G
    5661 PA
    5067 AB
    696 R
    1423 H
    244 2B
    71 3B
    118 HR
    679 RBI
    129 SB
    >=48 CS
    416 BB
    584 K
    .281 BA
    .339 OBP
    .427 SLG
    .766 OPS
    115 OPS+
    2163 TB
    31 HBP
    154 SH

    If Gonzalez wins, he will face his third-most similar comp. If Walker wins, he will face his second-most similar comp.

    Past face-offs (winner in bold):

    Tommy Dowd vs. Ned Hanlon (as a player)
    Ned Hanlon (as a player) vs. Joe Hornung
    Ned Hanlon (as a player) vs. Curt Welch
    Curt Welch vs. Blondie Purcell
    Curt Welch vs. Bob Bescher
    Curt Welch vs. George Pinkney
    Curt Welch vs. Joe Hornung
    Curt Welch vs. Rube Oldring
    Curt Welch vs. Solly Hofman
    Curt Welch vs. Tom York
    Curt Welch vs. George Case
    Curt Welch vs. Tommy Dowd
    Curt Welch vs. Charlie Hemphill
    Curt Welch vs. George Browne
    Curt Welch vs. Jack McCarthy
    Curt Welch vs. Shad Barry
    Curt Welch vs. Patsy Dougherty
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Carson Bigbee
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Jack Smith
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Johnny Bates - tie
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Johnny Bates vs. Cliff Heathcote vs. Mike Mitchell
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Lou Finney
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Whitey Witt
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Ducky Holmes
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Matty McIntyre
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Gene Richards
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Tom Goodwin
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Peanuts Lowrey
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Patsy Tebeau
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Billy Hatcher
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Red Murray
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Hi Myers
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Mike Kreevich
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Luis Polonia
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Darryl Hamilton
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Max Flack
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Al Bumbry
    Patsy Dougherty vs. Ron LeFlore
    Ron LeFlore vs. Mookie Wilson
    Ron LeFlore vs. Dan Gladden
    Ron LeFlore vs. Doug Glanville
    Ron LeFlore vs. Taylor Douthit
    Ron LeFlore vs. Terry Puhl
    Terry Puhl vs. Jerry Mumphrey
    Terry Puhl vs. Les Mann
    Terry Puhl vs. John Titus
    John Titus vs. Amos Strunk
    John Titus vs. Tommy Griffith
    John Titus vs. Elmer Valo
    Elmer Valo vs. Stan Javier
    Elmer Valo vs. Dave Martinez
    Elmer Valo vs. Tony Gonzalez
    Tony Gonzalez
    Tillie Walker

    The poll is expired.

  • #2
    It's Incredibly close.
    "The first draft of anything is crap." - Ernest Hemingway

    There's no such thing as an ultimate stat.


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      Walker WAR 22.2 but black and gray ink 4-69 vs. 0-22 for Gonzalez. Gonzalez played some of his career in an 8 team league and was more or less done by 1969 so league size is not a major issue. Unless Walker played in the Baker Bowl or some such equivalent I don't see how I can't vote for him (or I guess I should say my vote for him is misinformed).


      • #4
        My first inclination was to go with Walker, as his 162-game averages for his best years (1915-1922) were slightly better than Gonzalez during his best years (1960-1969). Plus, he has better black and grey ink, as well as that one stellar, 37 home run season.

        But then again, Gonzalez was above average longer. His 1961 to 1967 seasons were fantastic. The long and short of it is he had a longer reign of excellence, and he was more consistent--he had 10 years of 100 or greater OPS+, while Walker's longest stretch of 100 OPS+ or greater was six years.

        This is really tough.

        I'm going with Gonzalez, but in this case I wish there was an "I choose both" option.


        • #5
          Since their numbers are so close, I have to give it to the guy who played in a fairly modern era. No way I can convince myself that the league was not stronger in the 1960s than it was in Walker's era.


          • #6
            Just a few hours left. This is a close one!


            • #7
              Close? Walker has double the votes of Gonzalez!!!! :o


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