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Is Stan Musial a LF or a RF?

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    Stan said somewhere that RF was his favorite position. As pointed out, he was willing to switch positions for the good of the team. He could have easily said I'm playing this position, I'm tired of changing every season [which he seemed to do, at least till the twilight of his career]

    BTW, it's Stan turned 92 today.
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      Originally posted by dgarza View Post
      A historical what-if :

      In 1943-44, Musial played mostly RF.
      In 1945, Musial was in the military.
      In 1946-47, Musial played mostly 1B.

      Why the switch? There does not seem to be any Cardinal RF or 1B in 1945 who would be taking Musial's position away in either, because no one else was really Musial's equal. Did they think Augie Bergamo might be the Cardinals' future RF, so put Musial at 1B?
      Where would Musial have played in 1945?
      In 1945 the Cardinals used nine different players in LF, with Red Schoendienst being the regular. Musial may have been in LF in 1945 or in RF where six different players played.


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        You forget how great this guy was. Fond lookback at his career.


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