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  • Ballpark Accolades

    Which ballpark(s) would you elect for these various accolades?

    --Most favorable to hitters
    --most pitcher-friendly
    --Best overall
    --worst overall
    --oddest park (shape, location, whichever)
    --most historically significant
    --fan favorite (which park do you believe the most fans have had as their favorite over time?)

    I encourage people to add their own categories
    "Allen Sutton Sothoron pitched his initials off today."--1920s article

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    Maybe you should require one past and one present ballpark for each category.

    Sticking with your categories......

    Most favorable to hitters - Well, you could go two different ways with this. Friendly to home runs or BA friendly because of expansive outfields. Maybe Coors offers the best of both worlds. I would say the short list would include The Baker Bowl (300' in right center), League Park (319' in right center), Ebbets Field (351'and 354' in the each gap), and Coors.

    Most pitcher-friendly - I think Cleveland's Municipal Stadium has a case. It was built in 1931 to replace League Park, and up until 1954, the dimensions were 435' in the gaps and 470' to center. Reasonable at 320' down the lines, but just like the Polo Grounds, the fences shot out nearly vertical. In his latest book, Bill Jenkinson notes that not a single HR cleared the fence from left center extending to right center from 1932-'53.

    Detroits Navin Field, 1912 should be a candidate as well. Down the lines, 345' and 370'. Reasonable in the gaps but 467' to center.

    Best overall - Sort of vague but I'd go with Fenway probably.

    Worst overall - The Kingdome was a terrible stadium. Worst current ballpark might be in Tampa.

    Oddest park - Polo Grounds (see pic below)

    Most historically significant - Yankee Stadium

    Fan favorite - Wrigley Field

    EDIT: Regarding Cleveland Municipal Stadium....I misunderstood Jenkinson and received clarification.

    "Actually Randy, I was referring to home runs into the original bleachers. They extended from the spaces between the left field grandstand and the right field grandstand. They were never reached during an official game. I am not even aware of a batting practice drive reaching those seats although it is possible that someone did it those circumstances. Frank Howard was once offered 10K if he could do it in a hitting exhibition, but he was unable to reach the bleachers. So, it was pretty tough."

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