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Jim Edmonds vs Andruw Jones

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  • Jim Edmonds vs Andruw Jones

    Edmonds has the substantial edge in offense, Jones has the substantial edge in defense.

    Who do you take here?
    Jim Edmonds
    Andruw Jones

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    I think Edmonds will win this pretty comfortably. His edge in offense is bigger than Andruw's edge in defense. Edmonds was excellent defensively as well.
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      Edmonds offensive advantage is a bit much for Jones to overcome.
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        Edmonds has a reasonable argument as one of the 10 best CFers in ML history. It's not certain, but he's got a legitimate argument. Jones, to me, is a small step below. An amazing flychaser/flycatcher the first half of his career, lots of power, but so-so on base skills. I give the edge to Edmonds.


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          Edmonds, though the knock on him is his health.
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            It's a very interesting comparison. They are about even, but Andruw's excellence is concentrated in his defense and Edmunds's is spread out. If my corner outfielders were Ralph Kiner and Rocky Colavito, I'd take Andruw. If they were Ricky Henderson and Dwight Evans, then maybe Edmunds. I always have a bias for the all-rounder.
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              Pretty good matchup but I went with Edmonds, just a better all around player.
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