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Fergie Jenkins vs Mike Mussina

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  • Fergie Jenkins vs Mike Mussina

    Two great starter workhorses who didn't quite get to 300. Who do you like better? I will be the kneejerk Cubs guy here and go with the Big Canadian.

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    Jenkins, but much closer than many would think.
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      Fergie had one of the great semi-forgotten years in the 70's, real nice comeback in '74 with Texas. Still think he should have had the Cy that year(barring the Sox' tanking in Sept, Tiant might have had it-And Mvp votes, too. Oh well) over Catfish.


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        Very close but I go with Jenkins. I always wished Mussina stuck around longer and got 300 wins.
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          Jenkins but not by much. I wish Mussina stuck around longer, but more so to win that ring than to reach 300 wins. He probably will wait as long as Jenkins did to make the HOF.
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