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Lou Brock vs Jim Rice

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  • Lou Brock vs Jim Rice

    I'm going to run a series of polls with the winner advancing each time to face another opponent. Will leave each poll up for a week. I'll try to provide as much statistical information as possible. Hopefully we can get some lively insightful debates going and bring to light some overlooked players from yesteryear.
    If you could pick between these two players to start your franchise with which would you pick? Please consider all relavent information. Their careers as a whole, peak performance, hitting, fielding, baserunning, positional value, league quality, etc.

    Jim Rice

    2089 games
    9058 plate appearances
    8225 at-bats
    1249 runs
    2452 hits
    373 doubles
    79 triples
    382 home runs
    1451 RBI
    58 stolen bases
    34 caught stealing
    670 walks
    1423 strikeouts
    .298 AVG
    .352 OBP
    .502 SLG
    .854 OPS
    128 OPS+
    4129 total bases
    1384 runs created
    6.0 RC/G
    102 AIR
    .628 OW%
    .798 Total Average
    .288 Secondary Average
    278.5 Win Shares
    128.1 WSAB
    44.3 rWAR
    56.1 fWAR
    44.4 sWAR

    Lou Brock

    2616 games
    11240 plate appearances
    10332 at-bats
    1610 runs
    3023 hits
    486 doubles
    141 triples
    149 home runs
    900 RBI
    938 stolen bases
    307 caught stealing
    761 walks
    1730 strikeouts
    .293 AVG
    .343 OBP
    .410 SLG
    .753 OPS
    109 OPS+
    4238 total bases
    1512 runs created
    5.2 RC/G
    96 AIR
    .598 OW%
    .735 Total Average
    .252 Secondary Average
    346.4 Win Shares
    140.8 WSAB
    42.8 rWAR
    53.2 fWAR
    42.7 sWAR

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    Jim Rice
    Lou Brock

    The poll is expired.

    My dream ballpark dimensions
    LF: 400 Feet...Height 37 Feet...LCF: 455 Feet...CF: 542 Feet...Height 35 Feet
    RCF: 471 Feet...RF: 400 Feet...Height 60 Feet
    Location....San Diego

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    Interesting. Neither has a defensive gold star. Rice kills on OPS+. Brock on win shares. Brock has the base stealing-running. I'm gonna have to think about this one. It may be that Brock's all-time stud record in the WS will tip the scale for me.


    • #3
      I think they're two of the more overrated players in the HOF, but I would choose Lou Brock between the two. The stolen base record (since broken by Rickey Henderson) was a significant accomplishment, as is 3,000 hits. All Rice really has going for him is the monster 1978 season (which is not as historic as some would believe) and a span from around 1977-1983 where he was referred to as 'Most Feared Hitter In The American League' - yet he was only 7th in the AL in intentional walks during that span, hmmm.
      My top 10 players:

      1. Babe Ruth
      2. Barry Bonds
      3. Ty Cobb
      4. Ted Williams
      5. Willie Mays
      6. Alex Rodriguez
      7. Hank Aaron
      8. Honus Wagner
      9. Lou Gehrig
      10. Mickey Mantle


      • #4
        This should offer a little grim entertainment

        Two of this board's favorite targets.

        Too bad Catfish Hunter couldn't have been worked in somehow.
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        • #5
          I went with Lou Brock. Stolen bases might not be 'worth' much, but man, they are exciting.


          • #6
            Rice is a personal favorite, but Brock's base running gives him an edge in the unique department. A slugger like Rice would be easier to replace on a team than a guy who's dangerous on the base paths when he gets there.
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            • #7
              If my home field is Busch Stadium of the 70's I'd take Brock. And if it was Fenway I'd want Rice.
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              • #8
                I'll take Jim Rice by a whisker over Lou Brock. I think Rice was better defensively than Brock, which tips the scale in his favor.


                • #9
                  Originally posted by 64Cards View Post
                  If my home field is Busch Stadium of the 70's I'd take Brock. And if it was Fenway I'd want Rice.
                  I'd go for that. Rice was .277/.330/.467 on the road. Even with a normal adjustment that would be .282/.335/.475 given a normal home park, and fewer than 1300 RBI.


                  • #10
                    Oh that's easy. Rice was a beast '77-79(no '78 wasn't his only great yr), and if you are staying in the AL, its gotta be him. Brock was a really good leadoff guy and deserves better tnan he gets from our friends the borg.


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