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Hal McRae vs Cecil Cooper

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  • Hal McRae vs Cecil Cooper

    Here are 2 players who are very close statistically

    Hal McRae (1968-1987)
    2084 games
    7218 At bats
    940 runs
    484 doubles
    66 triples
    191 hrs
    1097 RBI
    109 SB
    648 BB
    779 SO
    OPS .805
    OPS+ 123
    TB 3280
    Career WAR 24.7
    Led league RBI, 2B (2x), OBP, OPS
    3x All Star
    Top 10 MVP (4th, 4th)
    Played only 516 games in the field

    Cecil Cooper (1971-87)
    1876 games
    7339 At bats
    1012 runs
    415 doubles
    47 triples
    241 home runs
    1125 RBI
    89 SB
    448 BB
    911 SO
    OPS .803
    OPS+ 121
    TB 3424
    Career WAR 32.6
    Led League 2B, RBI (2x)
    5x All Star
    Top 10 MVP (5th, 5th, 8th, 5th)
    2x GG
    3x SS
    1475 games at 1B

    please vote and comment
    Hal McRae
    Cecil Cooper
    This week's Giant

    #5 in games played as a Giant with 1721 , Bill Terry

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    I'll say Cooper, mostly due to being a fine 1b vs Hal's Dh duties. As hitters not much to choose here, as a kid I preferred McRae.


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      Both players had a great loooking stroke

      Coopers was similar to Carew. McRae similar to Madlock.
      This week's Giant

      #5 in games played as a Giant with 1721 , Bill Terry


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        How was Hal's OF defense pre-broken leg?

        Always wondered.


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          Originally posted by TomBodet View Post
          Always wondered.

          He came up as a second baseman but struggled with 5 errors in 16 games. I always wondered about the outfield though. He did injure his leg but he was a decent baserunner with 11 triples in '77 and 8 as late as '82. I was told he didn't have much of an arm, but he had 31 outfield assists in a little under 480 games. In '76 and '77 he played significant time in the OF, but if he had a weak arm with Wilson in left field they may have wanted to avoid him playing in right. Seemed to be adequate in left.


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            meh, can't decide.
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            2. Barry Bonds
            3. Ty Cobb
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            5. Willie Mays
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            7. Hank Aaron
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            10. Mickey Mantle


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              Cooper was a plus fielding first-baseman, McRae a Dh or a weak armed LF. McRae was among the most aggressive and feared baserunners of his day. Whether it is true or not, he is typically given credit for instilling an aggressive baserunning mindset on the late 70s Royals. Cooper also, at least early in his career was platooned which would (in a logical world) help his rate stats. I give McRae the tiniest of edges.


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