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Players who passed away on the same day

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  • Players who passed away on the same day

    With the passing of Earl Weaver and Stan Musial on the same day, I wondered which other ballplayers would have had the same day of death. Does anyone have anyone in mind? I thought this question might be a good one for Cowtipper, but anyone with patience could do the research.
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    Hall Of Famers and long time Yankees teammates Lefty Gomez and Red Ruffing both died on Feb 17th, albeit 3 years apart.
    My top 10 players:

    1. Babe Ruth
    2. Barry Bonds
    3. Ty Cobb
    4. Ted Williams
    5. Willie Mays
    6. Alex Rodriguez
    7. Hank Aaron
    8. Honus Wagner
    9. Lou Gehrig
    10. Mickey Mantle


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      This happens relatively frequently. Just last year it happened five times:

      November 23 - Chuck Diering, Hal Trosky, Jr.
      May 16 - Kevin Hickey, Thad Tillotson
      March 3 - Lloyd Hittle, Jim Obradovich
      February 24 - Terry Mathews, Jay Ward
      January 21 - Cliff Chambers, Troy Herriage

      Here's a similar thread, not directly related to this, but interesting:

      Born, Died, Debuted and Finished on the Same Day


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        Ty Cobb and Ed Ruelbach both died on July 17,1961.They played in two consecutive WS against each other(1907 and 1908).


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          I'm not aware of Earl Weaver ever being a ML ballplayer.
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            Originally posted by runningshoes View Post
            I'm not aware of Earl Weaver ever being a ML ballplayer.
            Just Minors, so he did play, professionally. Technically a player.
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              Steve Olin and Tim Crews were both in the same boating accident that took their lives, but technically they passed on different days.


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