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  • best year of Babe Ruths career poll

    I figure I'd try something new. everything in bold is a career high, everything in italics lead the league. I've narrowed this down to 5 options.

    *I put AB's to compare with his BA

    1920: .376 BA, 457 AB, 54 HR, 137 RBI, 150 BB, 14 stolen bases, .533 on-base, .849 slugging %, and 1.382 OPS, 388 Total bases
    1921: .378 BA, 540 AB, 44 doubles, 16 triples, 59 HR, 171 RBI, 177 Runs, 145 BB, 17 SB, 1.358 OPS and 457 Total bases
    1923: .393 BA, 522 AB, 205 hits, 45 doubles, 13 triples, 41 HR, 131 RBI, 151 runs, 170 BB, 17 SB, .545 OBP, 1.309 OPS, 393 Total bases
    1927: .356 BA, 540 AB, 60 HR, 164 RBI, 158 runs, 137 BB, .772 slugging %, 1.258 OPS, 417 Total bases
    1930: .359 BA, 518 AB, 186 hits, 9 triples, 49 HR, 153 RBI, 150 Runs, 136 BB, 10 SB, .732 slugging %, 1.225 OPS, 379 Total bases

    I was going to make his 1916 and 1917 seasons on this poll too (as a pitcher), but I figured anyone who voted for them would be wasting their vote. I did put in an "other" option for the hell of it
    Other (write-in)
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    I choose 1921, although 1920 is very close. His OPS+ is actually higher in 1920, but in '21 he set the record for runs scored, RBI's and total bases in '21 - playing for an average offensive team before Gehrig, Combs or Lazzeri! '20 and '21 are tight, but I'll take '21!
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      i voted for 1921, which i think could possibly be the best season anyones ever had, but looking at 1923, Ruths stats seemed to be so distributed that '23 is hard not to vote for

      career high BA, career high hits, career high doubles, a good amount of triples, a decent 41 homeruns, career high BB, and a damn good OPS

      but alot of people will probably sleep on that year because he only had 41 homeruns, and it'd be hard to say his best year was a season he was behind his usual pace on homers


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        I chose 1921 by a slim, slim margin over 1923. To me this was his most well rounded season. He did have some stats in other seasons that bettered his 1921 stats but all around he was at his best in 1921
        In 1921 Ruth had his SECOND highest totals and SECOND highest percentage stats for one season in the following.

        Home runs--------------------59------60 IN 1927
        Doubles----------------------44------45 in 1923
        Batting Average-------------.378-----.393 in 1923--- also had a .378- 1924
        Slugging--------------------.846-----.847 in 1920
        OPS------------------------1.359---1.379 in 1920
        Run/CG---------------------17.90---18.41 in 1920

        So he did do better in some stats in 1920 and 1923 but was second by a slim margin in a number in 1921.

        His best for one season all in 1921.
        Total bases----------------------------457
        Runs created above average (RCAA)----166
        Runs Created--------------------------243

        Looks (1921) to be the best all around, the way I see it. Strong argument could be made for 1923 and 1920.

        A shame although his own fault that he had that short season in 1922. That really hurt what could have been, still may be one of the best 5 year peaks 1920-1924.


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          babe ruth 1921

          Hello i voted for 1921. i have read that the babe loved playing in the polo grounds Donald
          LONG LIVE THE POLO GROUNDS 1891-1964


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            1921 was an amazing season for The Sultan of Swat


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              still no votes for 1920?


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                OK, I voted for 1920. In 1920 Ruth showed the baseball world what is possible. Ruth's 1920 season was "historic" in the sense that he did something different. It's like Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier in the Bell X-1. The X-1 was the first supersonic aircraft. Other aircraft flew much faster in later years but the X-1 was the first.
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                  1921 the year Babe became a Legend.


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                    Originally posted by Dudeman
                    1921 the year Babe became a Legend.
                    1923- look at his splits in 20' and 21'- the Polo Grounds MADE HIM those years.


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                      1. 1921
                      2. 1923 - More times on base
                      3. 1920 - Best OPS+
                      4. 1927
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                        It must be 1923. He had stats that were comparable to those in 1920 and 1921 but he led his team to the World Series championship hitting 386/556/1000 in the 6 game series win.
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                          I picked 1921 because he set records that year that still stand: 457 Total Bases and 177 runs scored. His combination of 177 runs and 171 runs scored also stands unchallanged, and his .846 slugging average was certainly "respectable".

                          I am surprised there are not more votes for his 1927, which prior to the Maris season of 1961 was probably the most famous and most romanticised season of the Babe's career.

                          In the 1940'S and 1950's a number of players were threats to break Ruth's record of 60 homeruns: Kiner and Mize 1947; Kiner 1949; Kiner 1950; Mathews 1953; Kluszewski 1954; Mays 1955; Mantle 1956. By July of each year the daily newspaper would print a box score comparing the homerun total for the current threat with Ruth's total for the same number of games. The new threat would always be ahead of the Ruth pace until the middle of August, when Ruth's torrid August numbers would push him back in front.

                          This was excitement not matched anywhere else -- perhaps because we knew our hero would win out again when the season ended. We were reminded almost every year of the Ruth 1927 season -- and the famous Yankee Murderer's Row. I knew that Foxx and Greenberg had each hit 58 in a season, but only several years later did I realize that Ruth himself hit 59 in a year (1921 season). Even today, I suspect most casual fans know only of the Ruth 1927 season.
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                            Originally posted by Appling
                            I picked 1921 because he set records that year that still stand: 171 runs scored also stands unchallanged
                            Uhhhhmm...Last time I checked I thought Billy Hamilton has the runs scored record with 192 runs for the 1894 Phillies.
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                              Originally posted by Honus Wagner Rules
                              Uhhhhmm...Last time I checked I thought Billy Hamilton has the runs scored record with 192 runs for the 1894 Phillies.
                              ruth has the modern day record, pre-1900 stats get overlooked due to the way the rules have evolved over the years


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