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  • Resource info on various countries

    I'm going to create a thread which allows interested parties to reference threads with historical or statistical information on various places around the globe. Initially, I locked the thread, but that's not the best idea. However, I reserve the right to delete any and all other posts to this thread.

    General Reference Threads:

    Books on international baseball

    Threads on Baseball in various countries in the International Forum of BBF



    ================================================== ============
    Cuban baseball history

    Discussing Cuban Baseball Players who did not defect (Cuban baseball history)

    Who Have Been the Top Players in Castro's
    (my article at trying to begin to answer that question
    ================================================== =============

    Great Britain



    Italian League

    Japanese greats pics


    South Africa
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    A great link for Greek Baseball is It is not an official federation site, but even so, it has links to most of the resources of Greek baseball on the net.
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      This is a nice site with a lot of information about the Dutch leagues (baseball and softball) during the season. It also reports about the Dutch National Team when it plays.

      Not flashy, but good info.


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        Caribeños in the Majors

        Until May 5 of this year , some 1,308 caribeños from 15 different countries of our region had done a Major League uniform . This number is not absolute . It is the number i came up with in my own research ( 12 years , now ) . It can and will vary accordingly to the definition of caribeños being used by the different researchers in the theme , to the point of view of different countries , and of course , with the difficulty in the investigation of many old ballplayers that were born in the USA that could be linked to Caribbean origin . The main example are the many players from the South-West area
        ( California , Texas , et al ) who played in the late 1800's and early 1900's .
        There are countries with a big contribution to the game like the Dominican Republic with some 454 players , Puerto Rico 263 , Cuba and Venezuela with numbers in the 200 , México with over a hundred , and countries like Honduras and Belize with only one big leaguer . Another factor - for some people - is as to what we understand is a major league ( i'm walking over fire , here ) .
        In my research i based my findings in the following factors :
        1 ) a caribeño is a person being born in any of the different countries in the caribbean basin , including the Greater and Lesser Antilles , Central América , the north part of South América , and México which is in North América .
        2 ) also the children of any person born in the region .
        3 ) also the grandchildren .
        4 ) it can be also , a person who becomes a citizen of any of these countries via marriage , or any other reason , or that moved to one of the countries very young and grew up there .
        This can be a very touchy subject , but i been trying to work it up , because i understand it is neccesary .
        I will deal with the history , the development , stats , and some other info .
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          Caribeños in MLB

          Some 1,308 ballplayers ( until May 5 , 2007 ) from the Caribbean had shown their skills in the Majors . They represent 15 different countries . Here is the breakdown :

          Aruba 4
          Bahamas 5
          Belize 1
          Colombia 8
          Cuba 199
          Curazao 6
          Dominican Rep 454
          Honduras 1
          Jamaica 3
          México 109
          Nicaragüa 9
          Panama 48
          Puerto Rico 263
          Venezuela 203
          Virgin Is.(USA) 11
          The total for these numbers is 1,324 . The reason why we state that they are 1,308 is that 16 of these players are located in two different countries .
          For example : Aurelio Monteagudo is in Cuba's list because that's where he was born . But while playing in Venezuela , he married a venezuelan lady and stayed there until his death . Researchers from Venezuela always place Aurelio on their lists .
          Another Example : Eduardo Pérez was born in Cincinnati . He is an american , indeed . But he is the son of Tany ( Tony ) Pérez from Cuba and cuban analists place Ed on Cuba's list . But he grew up and played bb in Puerto Rico , so he ( and everybody else in PR ) understands he is puertorrican .
          Like these two examples there are 14 other players on two different lists .
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            If you are interested in including Australia here are two useful links:


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              Official League websites

              Here are the Official Winter League websites from some Latin American countries:

              Dominican Republic
              Puerto Rico


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                Baseball Philippines

                For those who are interested in Philippine Baseball, allow me to share this link


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                  Philippines Series IV


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                    The bast site to follow winter leagues in the Caribean is.....MLB. Any of our leagues ( I am in Venezuela) have the information you can get in the mlb site.
                    If you want to check standings, ofensive and pitching stats (forget defensive) please check here:
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                      Site about baseball in Ukraine:
                      Also this site have information about results USSR championships (1988-1990)
                      Ukrainian Baseball:


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                        Yearbook 2009 season of the Italian Baseball League

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                          Anybody have any links to Indonesian baseball sites? I'll be heading over there in November and would like to catch a game whilst I'm over there.
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                            Hi, there is no professional league in Indonesia, and I don't think they have an amateur one either.

                            Their contact info↓
                            Indonesia Amateur Baseball & Softball Fed.
                            C/o PT. Wisma Kosgoro 14th Fl. Wisma Kosgoro Bldg.
                            Jl. M.H. Thamrin 53, Jakarta 10350, Indonesia
                            Phone 62-21 314-1808 / 62-21 722-2932
                            Fax: 62-21 334910 / 62-21 722-2932
                            (There's no website info)

                            Or you can always go to Senayan Sports Complex in Jakarta during weekend to see some team practice, and maybe ask around.
                            Japan Professional Baseball Schedule, Results and Standings @ AllThingsNPB


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                              Thanks for the info. It's a shame there is no website for it.
                              Here's hoping I get lucky while I am over there, even if it's just a local league in Surabaya.
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