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Who will make the 30-man, USA WBC Roster?

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  • Who will make the 30-man, USA WBC Roster?

    Just to follow up on the announcment of the USA initial roster I'm posting it below and asking: Who are the 30 that will make it to the WBC?

    Starting pitchers
    Bonderman, Jeremy, RHP -- Detroit Tigers
    Clemens, Roger, RHP -- Free agent (formerly Houston Astros)
    Halladay, Roy, RHP -- Toronto Blue Jays
    Hudson, Tim, RHP -- Atlanta Braves
    Leiter, Al, LHP -- New York Yankees
    Peavy, Jake, RHP -- San Diego Padres
    Pettitte, Andy, LHP -- Houston Astros
    Sabathia, C.C., LHP -- Cleveland Indians
    Willis, Dontrelle, LHP -- Florida Marlins

    Relief pitchers
    Cordero, Chad, RHP -- Washington Nationals
    Fuentes, Brian, LHP -- Colorado Rockies
    Jones, Todd, RHP -- Detroit Tigers
    Lidge, Brad, RHP -- Houston Astros
    Nathan, Joe, RHP -- Minnesota Twins
    Shields, Scot, RHP -- Los Angeles Angels
    Street, Huston, RHP -- Oakland Athletics
    Timlin, Mike, RHP -- Boston Red Sox
    Wagner, Billy, LHP -- New York Mets
    Wheeler, Dan, RHP -- Houston Astros

    Barrett, Michael -- Chicago Cubs
    Lo Duca, Paul -- New York Mets
    Mauer, Joe -- Minnesota Twins
    Moeller, Chad -- Milwaukee Brewers
    Schneider, Brian -- Washington Nationals
    Varitek, Jason -- Boston Red Sox

    Counsell, Craig -- Arizona Diamondbacks
    Ensberg, Morgan -- Houston Astros
    Hall, Bill -- Milwaukee Brewers
    Jeter, Derek -- New York Yankees
    Jones, Chipper -- Atlanta Braves
    Lee, Derrek -- Chicago Cubs
    Rollins, Jimmy -- Philadelphia Phillies
    Teixeira, Mark -- Texas Rangers
    Utley, Chase -- Philadelphia Phillies
    Wright, David -- New York Mets
    Young, Michael -- Texas Rangers

    Berkman, Lance -- Houston Astros
    Bonds, Barry -- San Francisco Giants
    Crawford, Carl -- Tampa Bay Devil Rays
    Damon, Johnny -- New York Yankees
    Griffey Jr., Ken -- Cincinnati Reds
    Wells, Vernon -- Toronto Blue Jays
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