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WBC announces rules for event

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  • WBC announces rules for event

    Also detailed were how home teams will be determined for each WBC game, and guidelines for determining eligibility to represent any of the competing countries.

    "Those liberal rules, as previously noted, boil down to one litmus test: Qualifying for a passport issued by the particular country. Citizens and residents of the country obviously qualify, but so do U.S. citizens with at least one parent born in, or a citizen of, the nation in question."

    Why are we excluding Cuban defectors from the WBC competitions?

    Some such as Livan Hernandez can represent Puerto Rico and most of them can certainly represent USA. With so many USA players defecting from the USA team, some Cuban players could fill in because at least they are US permanent residents. I bet you many are already USA citizens and they will be more than happy to represent America.

    There is something wrong in this world for sure. MLB, the Baseball Union and the IBAF have combined to please Castro and to exclude some of their members.

    Just a thought!

    Let's go defectors and remember that you are dealing with a bunch of hypocrits.

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    I skimmed through the pitch count rules and by first sight they seem to favour the teams with the better lineup... Hence, teams with not many major leaguers are disqualified beforehand... If you have to take out your pitcher while he's cruising, well that's a bummer... And in the case of European and Asian teams, with not a great variety of aces in their lineup, this blows any chances they might have of upsetting the ML powerhouses...

    The tie breaking rules are interesting... it will cause teams to force outs, or runs in more than one occasions... Mark my words, we 're in for a number of "errors" both defensively, and offensively...
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      with a healthy percentage of players coming from the major leagues, it seems reasonable to expect mid-march baseball to have some restrictions to better protect the health of the players.

      i would want a no-holds-barred type of tournament, though, if the classic was being played during the regular season months of mlb.
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