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  • Question for Japanese fans...

    ...are you annoyed that all but two Japanese MLBers chose not to represent Japan in the WBC?

    If you are not annoyed, is it because you don't feel it will affect Japan's performance (e.g. because the talent is just as good in the Japanese league)? Is it because you think that players should not feel pressured into playing? Or is there some other reason?

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    I apologize for my awkward English sentences...

    Each Japanese player (in MLB)has each matter.
    and sure many Japanese baseball-fun should feel unsatisfied with Matsi or Iguchi.


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      I'm annoyed. Kudos to Ichiro and a big thumbs down to Matsui and Iguchi.
      "The numbers are what brought me here; as it appears they brought you."
      - Danielle Rousseau


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        Thanks for the replies.

        I think that we the fans should be more proactive about letting players know how we feel, rewarding those that play in the WBC and communicating our disapproval to those who don't play.

        Perhaps this being the first WBC, players get a free pass. But next time around, they should not be so lucky.


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