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  • Information requests on Japanese baseball

    Does anyone have a list of managers who managed at least 800 games in Japan? If you do, I;d love to have it for a revision of the article on the most successful managers there.

    I'm also reworking the articles I did on the greatest players in Japan and also its most successful foreign born players. I'd be interested in lists of :

    -Best Nines for the years 2010 through 2014
    -foreign born position players with at least 1500 plate appearances
    -foreign born pitchers with over 300 IP or 60 saves

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can send me this information of links to it in English.

    Jim Albright
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    Best Nine

    2010 CL

    P: Maeda
    C: Abe
    1B: C. Brazel (foreign player)
    2B: Heino
    3B: Morino
    SS: Toritani
    OF: Murton, Aoki, Wada

    2010 PL
    P: Wada
    C: Hato
    1B: A. Cabrera (foreign player)
    2B: Tanaka
    3B: Koyano
    SS: Noshioka
    OF: Tamura, T-Okada (basically his nickname but he uses it as his name for player registeration), Kuriyama
    DH; Fukuura

    2011 CL
    P: Yoshimi
    C: Abe
    1B: Kurihara
    2B: Hirano
    3B: Miyamoto
    SS: Toritani
    OF: Nagano, Murton, Aoki

    2011 PL
    P: Tanaka
    C: Hosokawa
    1B: Kokubo
    2B: Honda
    3B: Nakamura
    SS: Nakajima
    OF: Itoi, Uchikawa, Kuriyama
    DH: J. Fernandez (foreign player)

    2012 CL
    P: Uchikai
    C: Abe
    1B: Branco (foreign player)
    2B: Tanaka Hiroyasu
    3B: Murata
    SS: Sakamoto
    OF: Nagano, Oshima, Balentine (foreign player)

    2012 PL
    P: Yoshikawa
    C: Tsuruoka
    1B: Lee Dae-Ho (foreign player)
    2B: Tanaka Kensuke
    3B: Nakamura
    SS: Nakajima
    OF: Itoi, Kadonaka, Uchikawa
    DH: W.M. Pena (foreign player)

    2013 CL
    P: Maeda
    C: Abe
    1B: Branco (foreign player)
    2B: Nishioka
    3B: Murata
    SS: Toritani
    OF: Murton (foreign player), Balentine (foreign player), Nagano

    2013 PL
    P: Tanaka (100% ballot)
    C: Hato
    1B: Asamura
    2B: Fujita
    3B: C. McGehee (foreign player)
    SS: Suzuki
    OF: Hasegawa, Uchikawa, Nakata
    DH: M. Abreu (foreign player)

    2014 CL
    P: Sugano
    C: Abe
    1B: M. Gomez (foreign player)
    2B: Yamada
    3B: H. Luna (foreign player)
    SS: Toritani
    OF: M. Murton (foreign player), Maru, Yuuhei (his full name is Takai Yuuhei)

    2014 PL
    P: Kaneko
    C: Itou
    1B: E. Mejia (foreign player)
    2B: Fujita
    3B: Ginji
    SS: Imamiya
    OF: Itoi, Yanagita, Nakata
    DH: Nakamura

    These are the Best Nine. Sorry that the japanese players are all in there family name. Nakamura in DH 2014 is the same Nakamura on 3B.


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      These are the Managers that have managed 1000+ games or more (The data is until 2014 Season. I could be wrong, but Nashida is the only current active manager, so including his 2017 season, it should be up to #17 All time). I'll tried to find the 800+ games list but there was no where to be found.

      1: Mihara Osamu (3248 Games)
      2: Nomura Katsuya (3204 Games)
      3: Fujimoto Sadayoshi (3200 Games)
      4: Tsuruoka Kazuto (2994 Games)
      5: Mizuhara Shigeru (2782 Games)
      6: Nishimoto Yukio (2665 Games)
      7: Ueda Toshiharu (2574 Games)
      8: Oh Sadaharu (2507 Games)
      9: Bettou Kaoru (2497 Games)
      10: Hoshino Senichi (2277 Games)
      11: Nagashima Shigeo (1982 Games)
      12: Kawakami Tetsuharu (1866 Games)
      13: Oogi Akira (1856 Games)
      14: Koba Takeshi (1801 Games)
      15: Nakanishi Futoshi (1640 games)
      16: Hara Tatsunori (1577 Games)
      17: Oosawa Keiji (1547 Games)
      18: Mori Masaaki (1436 Games)
      19: Nashida Masataka (1406 Games) (However this is not including his 2017 Season which he is still currently managing)
      20: Shiraishi Katsumi (1359 Games)
      20 (tied): Yamamoto Kouji
      21: Nemoto Rikuo (1351 Games)
      22: Matsuki Kenjirou (1255 Games)
      23: Hamazaki Shinji (1203 Games)
      24: Ochiai Hiromitsu (1150 Games)
      25: Okada Kakefu (1141 Games)
      26: Ishimoto Shuuichi (1115 Games)
      27: Yoshida Yoshio (1051 Games)
      28: Kondo Sadao (1050 Games)
      29: Inao Kazuhisa (1040 Games)


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        Sorry, I screwed up IP and plate appearance. I'm very drunk right now lol.

        It's very hard to find a "ranking" with foreign born player, since most of them don't usually last that long, and have a much shorter career than japanese born players (for obvious reasons).
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          Warren Cromartie (3238)
          Alex Ramirez (7152)
          Orestes Destrade (2191)
          Ralph Bryant (3335)
          Randy Bass (2550)
          Tuffy Rhodes (7320)
          Alex Cabrera (5257)
          Boomer Wells (4915)
          Wladimir Balentine (3078)
          W.M.Pena (1742)
          M. Murton (3534)

          are some of the most notable foreign born hitters in recent years.

          But I bet there are many more batters with 1500+.


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            300+ Innings is way too hard to search for, since there are probably many pitchers with around that many innings, and have either left the NPB or just faded away.

            Saves is probably much easier. This is the top 10 list (can't find the 60+ saves).

            1: Dennis Sarfate 229+ Saves (He is the best closer in NPB right a wide margin. One of the best closers in NPB history, and the best closer as a foreign born pitcher by far. He is having his career year in 2017, which is amazing considering his 2011/2014-2016 seasons are absolutely dominant as well. His team also won the League Championship, so Sarfate will most likely win his 3rd straight title as the best relief pitcher).
            2: Marc Kroon 177 Saves (One of the fastest throwers in NPB history, throwing 162km. His control was always the issue. Still, he had a good career)
            3: Lim Chang-Yong 128 Saves (Very unique pitcher. Could throw 160km at side throw, and was probably one of the best Korean players to ever play in the NPB. He was also the closer who got hit by Ichiro in the dramatic WBC Finals in 2009).
            4: Eddie Gaillard 120 Saves (Was one of the best closers in the early 2000's. He was the record holder for most saves until Kroon broke it).
            4: Rodney Pedraza 117 Saves (Was on of the best closers in the early 2000's. His peak/prime was very short though)
            5: Tu-Yuen Kuo 116 Saves (One of the best Taiwanese born pitcher in NPB history. Has 100 Wins and 100 Saves. He changed his nationality from Taiwan to Japan, and is living in Tokyo)
            6: Sun Dong-Yul 98 Saves (Was a legendary pitcher in Korea, came over to Japan and was still a very good closer for his short tenure).
            7: Tony Barnette 97 Saves (Currently playing for the Texas Rangers. Was one of the best closers in the 2010 era. Had a solid season in Texas in 2016).
            8: Oh Seung-Hwan 80 Saves (Only had two seasons, but dominated the NPB during his 2 year span. He is playing for the St. Louis Cardinals)
            9: Kam Mickolio 73 Saves (Was a solid closer for 3 years. Is currently in AAA).


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