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2019 Africa Cup Baseball Championship

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  • 2019 Africa Cup Baseball Championship

    Does anyone have a Final Report or any stats/rosters from the 2019 Africa Cup Baseball Championship? I was able to use the WBSC daily news to write a brief article for the Baseball-Reference site - - and got some roster data from there and other sources - - but would like something more complete. I emailed the WBSC and have not heard back.

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    One of the WBSC's most annoying shortcomings is their lack of consistent record keeping; this event's data should have been logged daily. Enough about that organization, here are some of my thoughts based on the limited information we have available:

    I find it strange that the final was the most lopsided game in the whole tournament. Zimbabwe and Burkina Faso were able to score on South Africa, but Uganda was shutout twice. Perhaps, South Africa saved its best pitchers for Uganda. While simultaneously Uganda may have overextended its own pitching staff against the other competition. It does need to be mentioned that some of Uganda's team members had visa issues and were not allowed into South Africa. However, it is difficult to quantify the impact of those absentees. I did have some concern about Uganda's national team not being the very best within its own borders. According to the March entry of Uganda's Little League page, the National team lost to the AVRS school 22-5. I found it unusual that a senior team would be on the losing end of such a lopsided result to a high school team, regardless Uganda still placed second in the ABC.

    Unfortunately, the Parisian LOC omitted baseball from their 2024 Games, which means it could be many years before we see another continental championship; the previous one was in 2007. I see what the WBSC was trying to accomplish by having multiple regional qualifier tournaments before the ABC, they were making it accessible to all of their member federations. However, it was overly optimistic to expect all 17 African federations to participate in a regional qualifier tournament, much less have additional resources to fund a trip to the ABC. Perhaps, next time they could limit it to one event, because it is doubtful that all federations will attend in the near future. At least all teams would have the same platform to test the progress of their respective programs.
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