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  • DownUnderDodger
    What a disappointing WBC for the Aussies. Unfortunately I was away again on commentating duties when the Aussies played both televised games and had no access to a TV at the beach . I have not been able to see many games at all due to the commentating and other work duties I did catch today's 1/4 final which saw the demise of team USA, but will be working during the semi finals. I will definitely be home for the final (Dominican Republic v Japan?) and will even switch off the Commonwealth Games to watch it

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  • DownUnderDodger
    Great link snowy. I have looked at the current Foxtel guide and note that 2 Aussie games will be televised here - 8th vs Italy live 11:00am and 10th vs Venezuela 11:00am. There are 7 round 2 games live as well so if we progress I am sure there will be at least of our games.

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  • snowy73
    Analysis of the Aussie squad

    Check out the analysis by Peter Flintoff and Adrian Dunn.

    If anyone knows Australian baseball it is these guys.

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  • snowy73
    Aussie squad

    Thanks Downunderdodger,

    I had also not had a chance to post the squad.

    Travis Blackley suprises me, he is recovering from surgery and the Mariners are objecting to his inclusion. If he is not OK to go why select him ?

    The intriguing people in the squad will be people like Paul Rutgers and Peter Moylan who are not in with US major league squads.

    Will add more thoughts soon.

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  • DownUnderDodger
    started a topic Aussie Roster

    Aussie Roster

    I am a little late (been out of town for 3 days commentating, and pigging out on shrimp & oysters) but here is a link to the Aussie Roster for the WBC

    For ease of reference here is the list:
    2006 Australian Baseball Senior National Team

    1 Craig Anderson LHP NSW
    2 Travis Blackley LHP VIC
    3 Philip Brassington RHP ACT
    4 Thomas Brice Outfield SA
    5 Adam Bright LHP VIC
    6 Adrian Burnside LHP NT
    7 Michael Collins Catcher ACT
    8 Trent Durrington Infield QLD
    9 Gavin Fingleson Infield NSW
    10 Matthew Gahan RHP QLD
    11 Andrew Graham Catcher NSW
    12 Bradley Harman Infield VIC
    13 Justin Huber Infield VIC
    14 Luke Hughes Infield WA
    15 Matthew Kent Catcher VIC
    16 Brendan Kingman Infield NSW
    17 Wayne Lundgren RHP NSW
    18 Paul Mildren LHP SA
    19 Damian Moss LHP NSW
    20 Peter Moylan RHP VIC
    21 David Nilsson Infield QLD
    22 Trent Oeltjen Outfield NSW
    23 Brett Roneberg Outfield QLD
    24 Ryan Rowland Smith LHP NSW
    25 Paul Rutgers Outfield VIC
    26 John Stephens RHP NSW
    27 Phillip Stockman RHP QLD
    28 Richard Thompson RHP NSW
    29 Rodney Van Buizen Utility NSW
    30 Glenn Williams Infield NSW

    I am sure some of these names will be familiar to many of you!
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