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Fauston Segura passes way - Dominican

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  • Fauston Segura passes way - Dominican

    I may just be a little bit emotional about it, but it's upsetting to me to see the seemingly somewhat regular demise of a player from a Latin or 3rd world country. I know not everyone can just up and move to the U.S., but it should be strongly encouraged. These kids have basically won the lottery the moment they're signed to the MLB. GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE AND DON'T EVER GO BACK. You made it out! I don't know if clubs are coaching or encouraging them to just move to the U.S. and stay here, but they should. It's just sad to see a kid go like that, and there just seems to be another car accident, kidnapping, shooting, etc., and it's just not worth staying there because "that's all you know".

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