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Katsuya Nomura - (1935-2020) Greatest Catcher, leading Slugger of the Japanese game

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  • Katsuya Nomura - (1935-2020) Greatest Catcher, leading Slugger of the Japanese game

    The greatest catcher in the history of Japanese Baseball, Katsuya Nomura passed away this week a little shy of his 85th birthday age. Nomura died on Tuesday, February 11th.
    He spent the first 23 of his 26 seasons in the Japanese major leagues with the Nankai Hawks, with his career covering parts of four decades (1954; 1956-1980).
    He set the iron man record for games played at catcher. Nomura played 2,921 games at catcher. (by contrast the record for games at catcher in the American major leagues is almost 500 games less as Ivan Rodriguez holds the American record of 2,427 games at catcher..
    Nomura was a great slugger, belting 657 home runs, with 1,988 RBI. He had 5,315 Total Bases and had 2,901 hits for a .277 batting average in 3,017 total games. he appeared in only 96 games where he didn't play the catcher position.
    Nomura had ten 30 home runs-seasons and had his peak home run season in 1963 when he smashed 52 home runs.
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    It's a shame that he won't live to see Cooperstown induct him (as they should).
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