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    It's not perfect, and not all the rosters are correct, but here's a simulation of games for the WBC. As of right now, they've only done the first day or two of games (they've modified the schedule slightly, so all the pools start on the same day, also as a result, Panama has played two games so far somehow).

    Japan over China 5-1
    Korea over Chinese Taipei 2-0
    USA over Mexico 4-2
    Canada over South Africa 13-5
    Puerto Rico over Panama 8-6
    Cuba over Panama 7-4
    DR over Venezuela 2-0
    Australia over Italy 6-3

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    We have... UPDATE!

    Japan 10-4 over Taipei
    Korea 17-2 over China (Mercy Rule)
    USA 6-4 over Canada
    Mexico 4-1 over South Africa
    Puerto Rico 3-2 over Netherlands (on 9th inning homer)
    Cuba 7-3 over Netherlands
    Venezuela 7-2 over Italy
    DR 8-5 over Italy

    So here's how the second round looks like so far:
    Japan, Korea, USA, Cuba and Puerto Rico are in.

    Dominican Republic is probably in, but could theoretically lose through tiebreakers should Australia and Venezuela both end up being 2-1 as well.

    Canada, Mexico, Australia and Venezuela are all still alive.


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