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    I was wondering if anybody new and websites or anything on African baseball.

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    My grammer above is poor

    I was wondering if anybody knew anything or new any good websites where I can find informatin about african baseball. I know that MLB sent a some players to Ghana to promote the game and South Africa pkays it a little but that all I know.


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      I did some research and found out that Ghana doesn't have a baseball field they play on a converted dump. They only have two teams to see more watch this clip
      I know Cameroon, Uganda, Nigera and South Africa.

      South Africa is the only team to play in international play.


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        I know a little bit about baseball in Southern Africa.......

        Where I live in Cape Town, Western Cape Province the baseball organisation is the 'Baseball Association of Western Province', a 10 team amateur league. The team I support is the Athlone Athletics and they recently won the league playoffs.

        There are also provincial leagues in Johannesburg and Gauteng that I know of.

        In terms of International African Baseball, I only know of the following national teams- South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cameroon and Lesotho

        The above 6 teams were involved in the African Olympic qualifying tournament, with South Africa running away with top spot

        South African Results-
        Game 1- South Africa 20 Zimbabwe 0
        Game 2- South Africa 29 Lesotho 0
        Game 3- South Africa 16 Cameroon 1 (5 Innings)
        Game 4- South Africa 12 Nigeria 2 (8 Innings)
        Game 5- South Africa 15 Ghana 0 (7 Innings)

        As you can see, beyond South Africa the talent drops away VERY sharply.....and even we aren't exactly top of the tree in world baseball lol

        Hope this slither of info helps

        Sian xx
        Sian xx

        South Africa Baseball-
        Baseball World Cup- 9th (1974), 15th (1998), 14th (2001), 17th (2005), 15th (2007)
        All-Africa Games- CHAMPIONS (1999 & 2003)
        Olympic Baseball- 8th (2000)
        World Baseball Classic- 16th (2006), 16th (2009)


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          Is there much of a baseball following among the black population of RSA? I don't think I've seen any black players on the South African team in international play...

          How about cricket?


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            Some of you maybe interested in this video on the current state of baseball in Ghana. I found it on the IBAF website, it's a PBS production:


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              I love the passion!


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                Sorry, I just realized the same video was posted before.
                I love the passion!
                Yes, it surprised me to hear Mr. Mohamed say that they're not playing for sponsorship and they just need is a Trophy to fight for. It kind of reminded me or the famous Field of Dreams quote "If you build it, they will come" when the reporter said that the players feel that if they play it, the sponsorships will come. Here is an article about President Bush Delivering baseball equipment to the Ghana Little League:


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                  That's a great video. Thanks for sharing.


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                    That is pretty cool. They have a long way to go, especially under these circumstances, but I like their passion.


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