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Japanese League/Team Historical Composition

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  • Japanese League/Team Historical Composition

    Curious what the professional or "major" Japanese leagues' years of existence are and their team composition during those years.

    An example of the information I'm looking for:
    American League
    1901-1960 (8 teams)
    1961-1968 (10 teams)
    1969-1976 (12 teams)
    1977-present (14 teams)

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Rats, I have a Japanese baseball handbook that summarizes every Japanese season through the early 2000s with final standings, league leaders, award winners, playoff summaries, etc. But I have it in storage. If you don't get an answer by this weekend I'll look for the book.
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      single Japanese Lg - 1936 to 1949 (1936-38 the league was divided into a spring and fall league)(no 1945 season)

      Japanese Central League, 1950 to present
      Japanese Pacific League, 1950 to present

      Check out
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        Try these two pages from

        franchise histories and

        league standings

        A note: in 1937 and 1938, there were Spring ("S") and Fall ("F") leagues. The second link is to an Excel Spreadsheet.

        Hopefully, this helps.
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