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    Hello, new to the website, Was just wondering a few things. I am an avid baseball fan, love the game, love to play and watch it. I was just wondering about international leagues around the world?

    What countries have professional leagues?

    How much do these players get paid compared to US leagues?

    And finally how many American players actually go to play in these leagues, and how do they go about doing that?

    I am sorry for all the questions, and look forward to the hearing back from you.

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    That would be a lot to type to answer your questions. If you haven't already make sure you sweep across the International portion of the web site. You'll see that most countries you can think of have leagues, and you'll find updates on a lot of them through the site. All those leagues have Americans of some level on them. If you are interested in European baseball there are a couple of threads on here, and is a good site for that too..

    Enjoy the reading.


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      two ways to find things

      Some of the forums including this one have "Sticky" threads that are always listed at the top of the directory, some of which coordinate resources or introduce the subject.

      If you "Search this Forum" (far right just above the directory), select "Advanced Search", enter the country name as a "Keyword search", and select "Search Titles only".

      You need to search for "South Africa" and "South African" separately because it matches whole words only.


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