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Any news Catchers form Japan that may head to the mlb

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  • Any news Catchers form Japan that may head to the mlb

    There market for japan catcher was never really tap yet and i was asking if there possable catchers form japan we could see in the mlb in the next couples of years

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    Shinnosuke Abe has decent chance of making it but since he play for the Y-Giants, who have no intention of let go a player via posting, it will take another few years before he gets a chance to get to the MLB.
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      Abe's been sliding in performance for a while, so I'm not enthused about his prospects. The difficulty with Japanese catchers is the fact you've got to wait until they're nearly 30 (maybe older)--and if they're good, they've been subjected to a lot of the wear and tear of catching--and human beings can only tolerate so much of that kind of abuse and remain effective ballplayers.
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        If Abe cannot satisfy you,there are no catchers in Jpn enough to go across Pacific Ocean in near future


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