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Hector Iglesias Duarte - Cuban player?

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  • Hector Iglesias Duarte - Cuban player?

    There is an elderly (40+) Cuban player in the Netherlands this year other than Fausto Alvarez, one Hector Iglesias Duarte. I can't find any record of his having played in Cuba though - he's not listed in the Guia Official de Beisbol from 2005. Bjarkman's book lists no Hector Iglesias or Hector Duarte as having defected from Cuba. Also, some Dutch sites say he used to be on the national team, but Bjarkman's listings of national team players show no Iglesias or Duarte and the only batter named Hector was Hector Olivera (Sr.). Can one of our Cuban fans here help?

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    Didn't you know? Every Cuban baseball defector played for the national team.


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      But I dont think that you have to have made it to the Serie Nacional in order to play baseball in Holland, as a matter of fact, I think that if you give me two weeks to get back in shape, I can probably make one of the teams....
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        Ha ha ... You're probably right.


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