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  • Japanese Baseball Historical Event

    I have to do a research project in World History and since I cant do any MLB events I wanted to know if there was a historical event in Japanese Baseball history that I could make a 2 page report out of.
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    How about the V-9 Giants (won 9 consecutive championships)? You could talk about Kawakami, the manager who wanted to go with all Asian players and his highly controlling ways, and you could talk about the great players who contributed to those teams (Oh and Nagashima, certainly, but also Harimoto and Kaneda among others).

    Some material you could use is in You Gotta Have Wa or Oh's autobiography, A Zen Way of Baseball. Rob Fitts' Remembering Japanese Baseball would be good.

    My own writings which would be useful would start here: click on the links in the paragraphs for more info on the key individuals.

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      pre-wwii foreign players in japan

      wwii deaths of hall of famers

      prisoners of war held by russians and burmese and americans


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