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  • Pick Your WBC Team MVPs

    I'm really enjoying the WBC. So I figured I'd start this thread. Pick who you think the MVP of each team is. I just post the teams that were eliminated so far, then update throughout the tourny. Here are mine:


    Pool A:
    Korea: TBA
    Japan: TBA
    China: C Wei Wang- 1 HR, 4 RBIs, 1.030 OPS
    Chinese Taipei: 3B Yung Chi Chen- 1 HR. 5 RBIs, 1.143 OPS

    Pool B:
    USA: TBA
    Mexico: TBA
    Canada: P Adam Loewen- 0.00 ERA vs. USA
    South Africa: SS Brett Willemburg- 3 RBIs, 1.100 OPS

    Pool C:
    Puerto Rico: TBA
    Cuba: TBA
    Netherlands: P Sharion Martis- No-Hitter
    Panama: CF Ruben Rivera- 1 HR, 3 RBIs, 1.064 OPS

    Pool D:
    Dominican Republic: TBA
    Italy: P Jason Grilli- 1 Win, 7 Ks
    Austrialia: P Peter Moylan- 4 Ks

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    Korea - Seung Yeop Lee, who hit the HR in the 8th off Japan.

    Japan - Had a pretty balanced offense with a couple guys (Nishioka, Matsunaka) putting up good numbers.

    I would say team USA has co-mvps in Jason Veritek and Ken Griffey....without Varitek slam the US doesn't advance and Griffey is hitting like .800 so far.

    For Mexico I would say Estaban Loiaza for his performance against Canada.

    PR very balanced attack so far hard to pick.

    Cuba has to be Gurriel

    Dominican between Ortiz and Beltre.

    Venezuela - Cabrera

    Overall best hitter so far: Griffey

    Overall best pitcher so far: hard to pick with the pitching limitations but Bartolo Colon probably faced the toughest lineup with the most pressure. Loewen qualifies in that department also. Only Martis pitched as many as 7 innings.


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      i would actually pick adam stern for canada. also, iwould go with ortiz for the dominicans.
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        The MVP of the italian team was Tony Giarratano,he was very good in defense and was a solid hitter,he is very young and he should have a fine Mlb career.
        I hope to see him on the Detroit 25 men rosters.


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          DR's MVP is between Beltre, Colon and Pujols.

          Ortiz shouldn't be mentioned since he's got 2 hits in the WBC...although they were both big HRs
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