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  • MLB Home in Europe on NASN


    13 March 2006

    NASN and Major League Baseball (MLB) have reached a groundbreaking five-year, pan-European broadcast deal, beginning with the 2006 season.

    The first of its kind for MLB in Europe, the agreement provides NASN with exclusive rights to televise more than 275 games each season, from Spring Training in March through the playoffs and World Series in October. NASN’s live coverage of MLB will consist of up to 10 regular season games each week, as well as the entire playoffs and World Series.

    The deal covers all forms of television, including high-definition (HDTV) and IPTV rights. It also provides NASN with additional premier content rights. Among these are the All-Star game, All-Star Weekend events such as the Home Run Derby and MLB’s flagship highlight programme, This Week in Baseball.

    Amory B. Schwartz, co-founder and chief executive, NASN said: “NASN is now the undisputed home for Major League Baseball in Europe. This deal augments NASN’s programming content and cements the network’s place as the number one destination for North American sports fans in Europe.”

    Major League Baseball continues to enjoy a renaissance in the 21st century. Once comprised almost entirely of native-born players, MLB now draws players from around the world. Today many of its biggest stars, including Andrew Jones (NED), Albert Pujols (DOM), Johan Santana (VEZ), Jason Bay (CAN) and Ichiro Suzuki (JPN) hail from overseas.

    Paul Archey, senior vice president of International Business Operations, Major League Baseball said: “The relationship with NASN is an exciting development for our business in Europe. It provides baseball fans with an opportunity to watch more live games each week, an integral component to expanding the reach of baseball and further developing our international business initiatives.”

    Archey also said: “At a time when the World Baseball Classic is showing the depth of international baseball talent, this agreement underscores the ever growing-popularity of the game.”

    NASN currently broadcasts throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, as well as Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Iceland. The network anticipates entering into several additional European markets in 2006.

    NASN recently inked an exclusive pan-European broadcast deal with the National Hockey League, as well as a 21 country deal with the National Football League. In addition, the channel continues to televise exclusively live premier sporting events such as the World Baseball Classic, NCAA basketball, including March Madness and NCCA football, with select markets receiving NASCAR and NBA games as well.

    Schwartz also said: “In baseball jargon, NASN’s deal with Major League Baseball, combined with its other two recent pan-European deals, completes a triple crown in sports rights programming. It also secures NASN’s place in the big leagues of sports networks.”

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    £14 or $30ish a month on top of sky subscription fees is still a bit of a rip off though
    Don't blame us if we ever doubt you,
    You know we couldn't live without you
    Red Sox, you are the only only only!


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      MLB in Australia on Pay TV

      The only way we can watch MLB on TV in Australia is by Pay TV, Fox have bought all the rights.

      To watch anything but the main teams I need to buy the top package which is about 60 -70 channels and includes ESPN.

      There is only 1 provider Foxtel to choose from and the cost after paying the connection fee $100 + is about $70 AUD per month.

      Subsequently I do not have the relative luxury of watching games, the odd highlight on the free to air news services are all I see.


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        I don't have NASN but some games come on at midnight on a free sports channel.
        Greystones Mariners Baseball Club. The oldest baseball club in Ireland. 16 years and still going strong.


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