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Who will win the WBC?

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  • Who will win the WBC?

    Simple question for all. Who will win the WBC?

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    I think Korea will win.
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        As of 3/17/2006, you have four teams, all with a good 25% chance...
        If I had to gamble, my money would be on Cuba. Firstly, because I think Korea will lose one game in this tournament. Secondly because with the lineup they have in the semi, the Cubans will advance. In the final I give them the edge over the two Asian teams.
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          DR will win it all :gt


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            I dunno. Cuba?
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              Yeah all of these games and possibilities are complete tossups.

              If I had to look at it on pure talent I would pick the Dominican but what we have learned is that talent (esp teams thrown together in March) isn't really the deciding factor in this tournament.

              I think Korea has had the best tournament so far, and Cuba is probably the best 'team' in the field and they have definitely been in this situation before so there may be an edge there. Japan has the revenge factor going for them.

              All 4 of the teams have great storylines and each one of them could win the tournament.


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                I got some Voodoo Magic going against the D.R.

                I already have the goat and two chickens for the pregame ceremony. It worked pretty well against P.R.
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                  Originally I had Panama winning 3rd place, which, judging by their 0-3 record, was not a smart pick. I had the D.R. winning it all, but now I'm not so sure. I would really love to see a D.R. v.s. Cuba final, but, sadly, that's not going to happen. So here are my picks:

                  "Superpool" 1 champion: Korea (with the sweep of Japan)
                  "Superpool" 2 champion: Dominican Republic

                  4th place: Japan (Korea, Taipei, China, Mexico, and the U.S. is not too stiff competion, especially considering the US's winning percentage being less than that of Canada)
                  3rd place: Cuba (with the blowout of Japan)
                  2nd place: Dominican Republic (losing in another close Korea victory)
                  1st place: Korea (with the undefeated record)


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                    Personally i think Korea will win i mean have you ever seen such a fundamentally sound team before i know i haven't. ( yet again i am only 14 )
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                      I think DR's going to win. If Pujols, Ortiz, and Tejada ever start hitting its a rap.
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                        And the winner is....

                        DR 4 Japan 3


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                          Cuba and Japs

                          DR and korea are out - i must go for japan.


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                            Cuba has the moves.

                            No matter what, it's great. I like the idea of Cuba winning. Wow.


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                              I'm saying Japan over Cuba 4-2. Simply going with my gut which has been astonishingly wrong since Round 2.
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