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Korean pitcher tests positive for banned substance

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  • Korean pitcher tests positive for banned substance

    Well they did catch 1 guy who was using something banned, doesn't say what it is, but the drug testing wasn't completely useless.

    MLB: Pitcher tested positive for banned substanceAssociated Press

    NEW YORK -- Korea pitcher Myung Hwan Park has tested positive for a banned substance and is disqualified from the World Baseball Classic, Major League Baseball said in a release Friday.

    Park tossed two shutout innings in one appearance with Korea, striking out three and walking two.

    Korea is undefeated heading into its matchup with Japan in the WBC semifinals Saturday night at San Diego's Petco Park.

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    Doing a google search I found that this guy created some controversy by wearing cabbage underneath his hat lol

    Maybe he tested positive for cabbage?

    Park Myung-hwan’s Controversial “Cabbage Pitch”

    JUNE 21, 2005 07:43
    by Sung-Kyu Kim ([email protected])

    "Is it against the rules to pitch wearing a cabbage leaf?"

    Doosan pitcher Park Myung-hwan is on the hot seat for pitching on June 19 at Jamsil Stadium against Hanhwa wearing a frozen cabbage leaf inside his hat to cool off from the heat.

    The KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) decided to hold a rules committee meeting on June 21 to rule whether the “cabbage pitch” was a violation and to set specific limits on pitchers’ forbidden items stipulated by baseball rules.

    During the game, Park had his hat fall off twice during pitches, which revealed a cabbage leaf, but the umpire did not call it. Park pitched for seven scoreless innings and earned his ninth win of this season. However, a day after the game, some argued that Park violated baseball rule article 8.02(b) stipulating: “a pitcher is immediately ejected from the game if he wears or carries a foreign substance.”

    Acts to influence pitches by tampering with the ball are strictly forbidden in baseball. A shine ball, where one makes the ball smooth by rubbing it, a spitball, a saliva-laden ball, and a mud ball, a ball with mud on it, are typical examples of illegal pitches. In the Major Leagues, when playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks Kim Byung-hyun (Colorado) was ejected from a game when it was discovered that he was wearing a patch, and the umpire ordered Seo Jae-weong to take off his Buddhist bracelet.

    The KBO explained, “In common sense, it is difficult to consider that wearing a cabbage leaf will affect pitches, but since it has become a controversy, we decided to set a limit on the boundaries of foreign substances.”


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      oh, it's that guy :o
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